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4 steps for press release distribution with 24presse.com

1 - Upload your press releases and attachments (photos, etc)

press release distribution Begin by writing your press release following the rules related to this activity. Make it short, concise, non-commercial and well spaced out. In brief, be effective and above all, do not use any sales speak. Journalists receive a lot of press releases so if a press release quickly becomes tedious or uses cumbersome language, it will not be read. Attach all the necessary information about the subject, to your press release: images, youtube videos, pdf, …

Only include information relevant to your press release and avoid complex formatting. Do not try to make it too "beautiful". Make it effective and easy to read. Here you will find another set of rules for writing press copy. The press release published will be all the more effective. Many sites describe methods of writing a press release, but in general, the same rules apply.

Journalists receive a lot of press releases, so you are in direct competition with all the other press releases out there. Don’t complicate the journalist’s task.

Do not use a laudatory style such as "unique, first, unprecedented, unbelievable, etc." This only weakens your press release, and if you adopt a commercial style your press release becomes suspiciously like "advertising", which means the journalist is forced to thoroughly look into everything that has been written. This is because advertising, by its very nature, often exaggerates the facts or is even false. If the journalist has to check the information you send through it risks not being published as they won’t feel like researching the detail or simply won't have enough time.

media tageted in US for press release distribution2 - We check your press release before it is sent out

An expert will review your press release and put forward suggested improvements if necessary. ( more information) . To maximize the opportunities of your press release being successful, we will proof read your press release to check the editorial quality. If we believe that certain changes should be made to help it to be successful we will put forward suggested corrections in the final proof copy that we will send to you by email.

3 - We send you a final proof

Before sending out your press release we send you a final proof for you to check. This final proof allows you to check that we haven’t made any errors in the wording of your message.

4 - Sending out your press release

A press release is sent out by email to each journalist. This diffusion takes between 6 and 72 hours depending on its urgency and if there are any changes that we have suggested that you would like to make.

A press release will never automatically be sent out.

We will only send out a press release after it has been checked and edited if required.

Your press release will then be sent to you to be approved.

Your press release is then distributed by email.


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