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Communiqué de presse Mardi 31 Mars 2015

Hanatheos Desktop Search, a fully comprehensive text-indexing software

Hanatheos text-indexing software allows you to browse your records and search in real time for a word, a set of words, a phrase or a group of phrases in the documents stored on a computer. Hanatheos requires no particular preparation. It is efficient as soon as the first indexing is launched and it automatically lists all the words contained in all the documents. In a nutshell, Hanatheos is the perfect utility for users willing to track large databases of mails and archived texts and is available at www.hanatheos.com.


image hanatheos


Many people often store over time a huge amount of texts, mails and other written documents on their computer. Although a searching tool does exist for systems running on Windows®, it still has to scan gigabytes of data on the hard drive during a few long minutes. Hanatheos is the most adequate and most efficient tool to promptly find a word or a phrase.

Hanatheos text search utility enables real-time looking up of files by the words they contain with a mouse click. All the words found in all the documents get automatically listed once the Primo'indexing is launched. Moreover, the software offers two indexes: a common index to all the documents, as well as an index per document.

Main input formats supported, included PDF files

This edition of Hanatheos runs on Windows® XP, Windows® Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8 operating systems. The software only requires up to 8 MB on the hard drive and 1024 MB RAM or more. The text-indexing tool supports multiple languages, i.e. texts edited with Latin, Greek, Cyrillic characters, and exclusively for a left-to-right reading.

Also, Hanatheos reads structure
in a variety of input formatd filess: doc, docx, txt, wri, rtf, html, php, asp, c, css, js, sql, PDF (included TrueType® fonts), but no IMAGE format (title only).




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Simple operation

Hanatheos allows to access the records either

1) through pre-built indexes (see screenshot). Searching tools allow the user to reach the words or sets of words searched for
2) or through free-text queries, by just entering the word or set of words searched for.

In both cases, Hanatheos displays the results along with some context, that is with some phrases after and/or after the text extracted.

Automatic and continuous indexing

Hanatheos performs regular automatic index updates. The software automatically scans all the folders and every single document created or deleted is thus indexed or de-indexed. Hanatheos also takes into account any change in a file name, in its content and location.

Demo and free trial version

A video demo is available on the website www.hanatheos.com. A free trial version of the software can be downloaded from our website for a period of 30 days free of charge after you install it. After this initial trial period, you will be invited to upgrade and purchase a license. Both versions are available in French and in English. After the 30-day free trial period, software licence fees will amount to €49,90 all taxes included. There is no purchase obligation.

About Hanatheos

Hanatheos SAS was founded in 2005 by M. Jean-Pierre Pellegrin. The headquarters are located in France, in Martin-Église (Seine-Maritime). The text-indexing software was elaborated in 2009 and is frequently updated.

More informations : http://www.hanatheos.com

Pictures (clic to enlarge)

image hanatheos image hanatheos image hanatheos image hanatheos image hanatheos image hanatheos




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Contact presse : Jean-Pierre PELLEGRIN
Société : Hanatheos
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