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Rouge Absolu, interior architecture and design studio, launches its first collection of furniture, fabrics and wallpapers

Publié le 15/07/2014 à 15:35

Following the inauguration of its gallery showroom at 11, Rue Saint Florentin, Paris 8éme, Rouge Absolu is launching its first collection of furniture, fabrics and wallpapers - unique pieces in a colourful, sensual and rich style born of outstanding craftsmanship.


image rouge absolu



Rouge Absolu: Unashamed luxury as trademark

Artistic director Géraldine Prieur, well-known for her acute sense of colour harmony, has Rouge Absolu assert a style of ‘unconventional full colours’ that banishes any cold note from its graphic, informal and joyous ambiences. Marrying simple lines or waves, the Rouge Absolu collection plays with the illusions created by materials, the restless energy of mingled colours and the staging of movement.

Exclusively French-made creations that are faithful to traditional artistic crafts

For Rouge Absolu Art and Elegance are sacrosanct in all its projects.

Not just a name, Rouge Absolu is a universe devoted to the outstanding and the unique, calling upon the talent of dedicated craftsmen of repute. Seventeen different trades and techniques have contributed to realise this magnificent collection.


image rouge absolu image rouge absolu



Luxury with solidarity

The spirit of generosity that emerges from these flamboyant, sophisticated and graphic creations is the reflection of both solidarity in action and a commitment: to help women and children living in precarity throughout the world.

For this, Rouge Absolu financially assists the International Helen Keller Foundation which acts in 22 countries worldwide to combat malnutrition and blindness.

To reach the catalogue, clic here

To reach the kit media, clic here


image rouge absolu rouge absolu



About Géraldine Prieur

For over twenty years Géraldine Prieur has been arranging and beautifying interior spaces (apartments and villas, stores and hotels) in Paris, London and Manhattan… for exacting clients won over by her “Unconventional Full Colours” style.

More informations : 

Rouge Absolu - Studio-showroom
11 Rue St Florentin 75008 PARIS - Métro Concorde
Tel : +33 1 42 61 61 61
Site :




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