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KOMPAÏ : robot for healthcare facilities

Published on 14/05/2020 à 14:37

The Kompaï robot is an assistant robot for nurses and healthcare facilities. His duties allow him to free up time for nurses and therefore improve the quality of work. It does not replace nursing assistants, but it does help them with repetitive daily tasks.



3 main functions:

1 - Rounds : Rounds are customized as needed.

  • Monitoring tour: (day and night) to help the lack of staff on this indispensable function Indeed the robot can move alone, film, and detect a fall or a person leaving his room.
  • Announcement tour: the healthcare facility can program the robot to make specific announcements according to its needs, or even play music while having an autonomous route.


2 - Mobility assistance : Assist with walking

Thanks to its system of bars integrated into the robot, kompaï helps patients to walk, either to exercise, or simply to move, on an autonomous or guided course..

3 -  Entertainment : healing through play


There are many games on the robot, including cognitive games to work on the memory of patients, or other needs.

Detailed informations 
Price: price cannot be fixed, it depends on the options taken for the robot, it starts at 20K€ minimum.
Weight: 68 KG
Dimensions: 1,20 m

robot kompai

Thanks to its multi-functional capabilities, it can be reconfigured quickly in the event of a crisis, by adding additional elements.

Using multifunctional robots that are useful in everyday life, economically justifiable, and that can be reconfigured quickly to cope with unforeseen events like the COVID-19 is the strategy to adopt. 

Read our specific article on COVID19 and robotics



Vincent Dupourqué, CEO, President and founder of KOMPAÏ robotics explains : 
The Kompaï robot is unique in its kind because it was designed with health organizations and only for them“ said Vincent Dupourqué, Founder and CEO of the company. “We think it will become THE reference robot in the healthcare field, among other things thanks to its patented patient mobility assistance capacity, but also by its modular design which allows it to be used for many repetitive tasks or those presenting a risk for the caregivers. To facilitate it deployment, we have also set up a support program for healthcare organizations willing to start integrating robotics into their daily operational processes.


This commercialization is the outcome of many years of research which demonstrates the maturity of this long-awaited technologies by healthcare stakeholders.
Kompaï is the new generation of robot, more than ever multifunctional, but which include needs of sectoral acceptability and profitability developed in partnership with the concerned operators, and optimized according to their needs.

For this, Kompaï was designed with 2 main goals: to help healthcare professionals in their repetitive daily tasks, but also to help patients, regardless of where they live.
First: its exterior aspect was the subject of several focus groups: the shape, the dimensions, the slightly humanoid aspect but not too much… are the results of a long work which aimed to define the acceptance of these robots in healthcare, by staff, patients, families and visitors.

Then, its modularity was studied to allow it to perform the main tasks that have been identified by our many partners, in nursing homes and in hospital: animation tours, surveillance tours, assistance to the mobility of residents, individual and collective distractions, small logistics in public areas, etc. but also to open up to many other functions over time.


About KOMPAÏ robotics 

KOMPAÏ robotics is a robotics startup based in the Basque Country, and created in 2016 by taking over a part of the assets of the company ROBOSOFT.

KOMPAÏ robotics has 2 activities:

  • Providing robotic solutions to assist frail people and their caregivers, intended for health establishments but also for home care. It is the product line Kompaï robots.
  • ROBOSOFT Consulting, engineering and consulting activity, which aims to support their customers in their robotic transition regardless of their field of activity. For this, we develop proofs of concept, set usage scenarios, participate in the industrialization and deployment of their robotics solutions.

Perspectives of evolution : We are currently 10 employees and plan to reach 40 by 2022 .



Social networks
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/25844328/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kompaitherobot/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/KompaiTheRobot
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeItnBK5YS1XpTEOXZquTXw

Pitch : youtu.be/tb3oLZ_LrEo
Reportage FRANCE 3 :  youtu.be/s1l87d1d8bI
Fonctions du robot Kompai : youtu.be/nrHQv6n1fJY

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