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The field of urban sports and extreme sports discover the pogo stick

Published on 08/11/2017 à 10:27

For twenty years, sports have developed, combining free-style, playful use and physical expenses, not in the dedicated spaces, but in urban environment. Nevertheless, specific sites have been created, such as Park skates, which continue to open each day. Made in France, the pogo stick reinvents the traditional jumping stick, spring, foot pegs and a handlebar, which until now allowed children to perform small jumps to a real sport device with very high jumps over 3 meters. The perfect gift for athletes.

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The new pogo sticks offer a range for adults and children of 35 to 60 kg with the TK8 FUN, and 60 to 100 Kg, with the TK8 BIG AIR. The 2 devices offer multiple possibilities of use.

Composed of aluminum used in aeronautics, resistant and reliable materials, the pogo stick brings us into extreme sport playful and adaptable to users.

The Big Air: To do extreme sport for the 15 years old and over (up to 100kg)e bâton sauteur nouvelle génération

The pogo stick propels you into a new world where you play with gravity. The spring is generated by the compression of air in the cylinder. You choose the pressure, according to your weight and level of use. It allows multiple uses in free style, and can be practiced in many places, right next to you. Above all, it offers opportunities for ever-increasing progression.

We've a TK8 Team in Europe represented by Daniel Soglo who is also part of the Americam Team:

Daniel Soglo 16 years old: "I'm part of the Team TK8 in Europe and I represent this brand. I am also selected by the company Xpogo, American company to promote this sport around the world"

Tygo 13 years old: "I loved the pogo stick right away and it became a passion! My philosophy is “a few minutes of pogo stick every day and you’ll feel great!  "I already found plenty of spots to practice around my home and throughout the city"


Pogo Stick TK8 sport urbain Pogo Stick TK8 sport urbain Pogo Stick TK8 sport urbain

Fun for 10/15 years

No need to wait until 15, to experience sensations! The TK8 FUN allows 10/15 year olds under 60 kg, to take pleasure quickly, making numerous tricks.

Clémence, 14 years old : "It was great from the start. I loved it, and it was frankly easy. I'm top in balance! I do it every day or almost, at least a quarter of an hour. I can make new tricks (no hand, no foot, bar spin)".

Louis, 11 years old : "I discovered the FUN at the International Festival of extreme sports, and I immediately realized that this was the sport I expected

Even if the practice of pogo stick is not risky, it is strongly recommended to wear helmet  and protections.

- TK8 could be used in skates park or everyehere in the city. You can get great sensations everywhere.
- Children and adults can enjoy it!
- More than a simple toy, it's a godd way to keep fit
- Use it as much as in skates parks than in your garden
- Use it for fun or for extreme jumps, you choose!


TK8: fitness equipment

With the TK8, you first find coordination and balance, and re-learn to control your body, but it is also your whole cardiovascular and pulmonary system that is stressed, and brings you better blood circulation and oxygenation. By practicing, you also burn fat and toxins, and help improve your muscle tone (triceps, shoulder, legs  ...)

A range of accessories, specially designed for the pogo stick, are available




Press kit here

Pictures here

You can watch all the best videos of this sport on Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/tk8takeithigh

More informations:

The TK8 information: www.tk8.fr
Find TK8 on Facebook page:  tk8takeithigh
instagram: @tk8pogostick


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