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Release 2.41 of Raincode’s freely available COBOL compiler for Microsoft.NET and Azure

Publié le 06/11/2014 à 16:53

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Raincode’s COBOL compiler aims at porting IBM mainframe programs. It recognizes the very same dialect, supports the same statements and even replicates its data types to the bit level for guaranteed behavioral equivalence. It also provides a compile-time DB2 to SQL Server conversion facility to further ease migration projects. DB/2 SQL Statements are converted into equivalent SQL Server statements automatically. It induces no perform penalty whatsoever. The resulting code is as fast as if it had been written for SQLServer in the first place.

This release of the COBOL compiler is available for free on Raincode’s website (www.raincode.com/mainframe-rehosting/downloads), with no condition on the number of developers nor deployed runtimes. Optional support can be purchased by organizations that require long term contractual guarantees and formalized service level agreements.

The compiler was developed for Microsoft’s .NET and Azure platforms from the ground up, and takes advantage of all the facilities provided by these environments. This focus on the .NET platform includes a Visual Studio® plugin with Intellisense® support for productive development and maintenance of existing applications. It also improves interoperability by allowing new components to be developed using any .NET compatible technology and have them interact smoothly with the legacy application.

Darius Blasband, CEO: “The lack of an affordable solution to port mainframe COBOL systems has been a serious hindrance of the Legacy Modernization market. With the Raincode COBOL compiler, we aim to open this market and revive migration projects that were stuck just because of the cost of the COBOL tools.”

About Raincode

Raincode is a privately owned company, established in 1998 in Brussels, Belgium, which provides tools and services in the legacy modernization world.  In addition to its Brussels headquarters, Raincode has a sales operation in Paris, France and a US subsidiary in Jacksonville, Florida.

More informations : www.raincode.com




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