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Serious Factory produces a Serious Game for PSA for an immersive training on Lean Management and customer satisfaction

Published on 04/01/2021, 5:03 PM

Serious Factory has been chosen by the PSA Group to digitise its “Excellence” training method. This method, based on Lean Management and the Group's Quality approach, has been transposed into a Serious Game to meet the challenges of appropriating and anchoring the good practices applied at the Point of Sale.

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Customer satisfaction and process control

"80% of the time, the problems arise from the processes and not from the people themselves." This postulate theorised by Deming shows the importance of regularly raising awareness and training in good practice. In this context, face-to-face training is of definite interest but can reach certain limits for a large international group such as PSA, which needs to train learners all over the world and must allow its employees to regularly train. This is currently all the more relevant with the evolution of the face-to-face training market following the COVID-19 crisis.

In this context, digital training is essential in order to involve all employees and to reproduce the situations they will be confronted with as faithfully as possible.

Laurence PICHENOT, Manager of the PSA Group's Manager Zone training programme, testifies to the effectiveness of the digitalisation of the Serious Game training and pedagogy for the EXCELLENCE Method:

"At PSA, the role of the Zone Managers is essential to animate the points of sale and develop their performance - particularly in terms of customer satisfaction. With the Serious Game pedagogy, the Zone Manager is put in an operational situation to support their points of sale. By playing immersive scenarios, they learn the method and the way to deploy it in the point of sale. We have chosen a smartphone deployment, which allows us to do this in all countries at the same time. This new pedagogy has made it possible to increase the number of training achievements by more than 50% in just 6 months !"

Distance coaching using the Serious Game of the EXCELLENCE method

Providing a personalised experience in the Zone Manager role

Trained employees are put in situations to assimilate the method in an operational way and to anchor the right behaviours. The objective is to confront the learner with frequent or rare situations to help him/her manage them effectively. Trial/error learning and regular feedback provide learners with a good level of confidence and control.

In this module, innovation is based on the principle of the Digital Learning “coach”. The learner finds himself in the role of Luke, a Point of Sale Zone Manager and coaches his contacts in the point of sale on the method through immersive and realistic situations.

For this training, the digitalisation and the gamified pedagogy of the scenario has already increased significantly, as has the rate of completion; the format already makes it possible to deploy it among importers and to reach other complementary populations. Traditional e-learning would not have made it possible to digitise as effectively a training course initially deployed for individual coaching.

A large-scale deployment has been successfully completed, facilitated by the Virtual Training Suite software solution, which makes it easy to add local languages with synthetic voices, and to monitor the evolution of skills acquisition.

About Serious Factory

Serious Factory is a publisher of innovative pedagogical training solutions. Thanks to its expertise in pedagogical engineering and gaming, Serious Factory assists its clients throughout the entire training programme to make it truly effective, namely : knowledge acquisition (Digital Learning modules, Serious Games, Blended-Learning...), skills development and reinforcement (practical work, behavioural simulator...), content updating and daily skills monitoring.

More information on : www.seriousfactory.com


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Published on 04/01/2021, 5:03 PM on 24presse.com
Renault Léa
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