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Arthur Andersen to restart from Europe in 2016

Published on 09/15/2015, 12:09 PM

Arthur Andersen, the international network of B2B services founded in Chicago in 1913, has been considerably metamorphosed and will restart under its historical brand name.

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A new start after its disappearance in 2002 linked to the bankruptcy of Enron.  In 2005, Andersen was cleared of all charges by the American Supreme Court of Justice. In 2015, a unique and innovative model, a pioneer in inter-professionalism and tailor-made B2B services is to come to life. A daring challenge backed up by two French partners, convinced of the brands up to date values and strength.

"We are in the process of meeting potential structures and individuals who could join the network. Our priorities are diversity and plurality for future talents in our team. Our innovative model is based on Arthur Andersen's historical strengths and values, and above all, the motivation behind them. I have rediscovered all the energy and enthusiasm that I previously knew at Arthur. We have learnt from the past and kept the essential values of Arthur Andersen® : “excellence and innovation”. Our new model is both bold and purposeful. Those clients and collaborators looking for a new deal in business consultancy will find it with us. The name Arthur Andersen® speaks for itself. Our commitment to excellence knows no bounds. We are as proud of our origins and ambition as we are humble in our way of doing business.", comments Véronique Martinez, Co-founder and Partner.

"Our vision was to define an innovative model, capable of integrating the new expectations of the clients in terms of the services and ethical and governance issues. We have called it "The New Arthur Andersen'. The historical brands were neglected and had become vunerable. We have dared to take this intiative despite of the legal issues and the conservatism of some former members of the network.  Our aim is to create an attractive, collaborative work environment around values of well-being, mutual respect, commitment and solidarity, adding a zest of "French touch"  to our tailor-made client relations" comments Stéphane Laffont-Réveilhac, Co-founder and CEO.


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