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Expansion of PRECISION’s Thai production facility is complete 

Published on 09/11/2020 à 12:34

Greenville, SC, USA, November 9, 2020 - PRECISION is proud to announce that the expansion of its production facility in Thailand is complete. This is the latest achievement to date focused on accelerating the Group’s expansion. It perfectly illustrates the long-term strategic plan defined by the management in 2018 and supported by ONCAP, PRECISION’s shareholder.


Regardless of the health challenges in 2020, PRECISION’s teams were able to keep to the initial schedule of the work. The project was designed to optimize workshop layouts, increase the production capacities of valve and injection molding parts, and provide additional warehouse space. In total, the expansion adds 2,350 square meters and more than 30% additional floor space to the facility.

Thierry Bouan, PRECISION ASPAC General Manager, said the project is part of an ambitious plan to increase PRECISION’s production capacities in the region while better serving its customers. “We are excited to announce that construction on the extension of our Thailand facility is now complete,” said Thierry Bouan.

For you, our Regional Partners, that major expansion opens a new dimension to PRECISION Thailand and means you will be supplied all across the Asia-Pacific region, with a new service level from a state-of-the-art production facility."
“PRECISION intends to play an even bigger role in that fast-growing and strategic region. The new PRECISION Thailand plant will be the keystone of our new regional platform that—in Asia-Pacific—includes plants in China, Australia, Japan, and Thailand.
” he added.


PRECISION, the inventor of the modern aerosol valve, is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of aerosol valves, actuators, and other dispensing solutions for various end-markets such as personal care, household, food, industrial, and pharmaceutical. With 17 facilities in 15 countries on 6 continents, PRECISION is the sole player offering a global coverage.

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Alexandre BASSON
Group Marketing, Strategy & Business Development Director

For more information: www.precisionglobal.com

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