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"Animal Social Networks": New documentary series by ARTE GEIE and Rotating Planet Productions

Published on 29/06/2021 à 17:36

ARTE GEIE and Rotating Planet Productions are proud to present the European premiere of the new documentary series, "Animal Social Networks".



ARTE GEIE and Rotating Planet Productions are proud to present the European premiere of the new documentary series, Animal Social Networks

Study of twenty species from all over the world

Journeying across ten countries, this fascinating series takes us behind the scenes of the animal kingdom thanks to cutting-edge technologies and passionate scientists.

In 5 episodes presented on July 6, 7 and 8, 2021 on ARTE GEIE, the series highlights the social relationships maintained by around twenty animal species and attempts to better understand the reality and behavior of wildlife.

Trailer "Animal Social Networks"

Highlighting the social relationships of animals through science and new technologies

Like humans, animals build relationships throughout their lives. And like us, their relationships are useful in finding the best places to eat, rest or meet nice people. For centuries, scientists have been watching these social interactions between different animal species using simple tools. With the arrival of new technologies, this research can push the limits of our understanding and allow us to discover social networks of unexpected strength.

By tracking guinea fowl equipped with GPS collars, we follow the bonds of friendship that form between certain individuals. Watching rock hyraxes in Israel's Ein Gedi Nature Reserve reveals the intricacies of male hyraxes' songs to convey information to their suitors. Analysis of the DNA of great tits in Wytham Forest in England shows the inheritance of personality traits that affects social behavior. Needless to say, the animal world is full of fascinating social ties.

“As humans, we often question our relationships with virtual social networks, but also those with the people around us. We all have a way of managing our relationships. Personally, I never post on social media, but a friend of mine does it all the time. We get along very well, however, even if we don't communicate in the same way. It's the same with animals. Social ties allow us to stay connected." - Ari A. Cohen, producer and director of the series.

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About Rotating Planet Production

For twenty years, Rotating Planet Productions has produced documentaries, television series and podcasts on the environment and wildlife for audiences of all ages, including Aging in the Wild (ARTE, TV5, CBC) Stay-at- home Animal Dads (CBC, ARTE) and Wild Sounds of Canada (Audible).

Animal Social Networks - produced in partnership with ARTE, ICI EXPLORA, and Rotating Planet Productions.


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Cohen Ari
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