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French artist racks up international awards for his music videos

Published on 27/05/2021 à 12:06

While most film festivals in France have been postponed due to the ongoing health crisis, the multitalented French artist Nicolas Cailloux, aka Mephis 21, has been sharing his music videos and winning awards around the world. These four videos, conceived as short films, are part of a 360° project that plunges Internet users into a dark and fantastic universe.


4 videos, 18 awards

The science-fiction universe of the artist Nicolas Cailloux, alias Mephis 21, has captured imaginations both inside and outside France. Over the course of 2021, his collection of four music videos have been selected by numerous international film festivals in India, Japan, Spain and Italy.

This ambitious artist has received 18 awards, including Best Song of the Year at the Jaipur International Film Festival in India and Best Music Video at the Twilight Tokyo Film Festival in Japan.

Recompenses Mephis 21 en 2021

2021 prizes

A 360° transmedia project

The award-winning videos are part of a large-scale global project. Audio series, videos, games, comics, artworks... more than 100 independent works come together to form the transmedia universe imagined by the prolific artist Nicolas Cailloux. Internet users board the Goetia, an interactive spaceship, to embark on a fanciful and artistic odyssey them to the depths of humanity. 

Vaisseau spatial la Goetia
The "Goetia" spacecraft

Press Kit

180 volunteers and partners

The Mephis 21 project may be colossal, but the means are limited. Nicolas Cailloux, backed by his business school education, is in charge of project management and communications. To bring M21 to a successful conclusion, he scours freelance platforms for new talent. Many volunteers and partners from all over the world (Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Venezuela, Canada, Portugal and beyond) have joined the vast transmedia project.

Studio Mephis 21
Nicolas Cailloux in studio

The insatiable Nicolas Cailloux

Seemingly insatiable, Nicolas Cailloux is already looking to future projects: "And now? I will continue to look for partners to continue the Mephis 21 adventure. And when life returns to normal, I hope to exhibit all the paintings from the Goetia's audiovisual journey in a real gallery. Then I'll make a movie."

Nicolas Cailloux is also waiting to find out if he will be part of the 2021 selection for the Urban Film Festival, which will be held in December in Paris.

Nicolas Cailloux
Video clip : "Les ombres"

Learn more : 

Web site : www.m21.fr
Facebook : www.facebook.com/mephis21
Youtube : www.youtube.com/nicolascailloux
Instagram : www.instagram.com/mephis21


About Nicolas Cailloux, aka Mephis 21

Nicolas Cailloux

Nicolas Cailloux created his first website at the age of 12. In 1999, he started rapping and created his character: Mephis 21, a sort of reincarnation of Mephistopheles.
While his classmates were studying for their baccalaureate, he took his first steps into the world of production and entrepreneurship by creating a label and a compilation of the best tracks on a social network (before Myspace or Spotify even existed), supported by Universal Music.
For the Mephis 21 project, Nicolas Cailloux wears many hats: scriptwriter, director, actor, editor, costume designer, web designer, sound designer and agent.



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