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Dashub, a new application for archiving web content, emails and social network connections in the Cloud

Publié le 07/07/2014 à 16:12

Dashub is a user-friendly application for centralising, organising and sharing all forms of web content, from multimedia to web pages, social network connections, emails and documents, all via a single platform in the Cloud. This revolutionary new tool facilitates access to any data you wish to archive and/or share from a single application available for mobile phone, tablet or computer.


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The host of services now available on the Internet (web sites, social networks, webmail, photo albums, video, etc.) unfortunately lacks coordination. The Dashub application provides Internet users with a new way to organise digital content, with a single click and in a single online space. 

Save all types of online content

Dashub is a web-based application that can work with a computer, tablet or smartphone and connect to a web browser, email or Dropbox account. The application sits above all the other applications in the user’s system and can be used to back-up any type of web-based content, such as web pages, video clips, tweets, Facebook posts and photos. To use Dashub, first register on the website, then go the home page and click on “add an item” or install the browser extension. Any online content can then be managed using tags and folders.

Information tracking

Dashub can also monitor sources of information, such as specific Facebook or Twitter users or web sites. The user simply defines the topic to be monitored by entering a keyword. Dashub will then notify them when that subject comes up. Dashub can also be used as a personal or multi-user account, both for companies and non-profit organisations.  



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Fully compatible

Dashub works with all the latest operating systems, i.e. the Android (on tablets and smartphones), iOS (for iPads and iPhones) and Windows 8 (including Surface). The application can run on all devices compatible with current HTML standards and, hence, the following browsers: Chrome (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android), Firefox (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Safari( MacOS, iOS), Internet Explorer 10 and higher (Windows).

Crowdfunding as fuel for growth

Dashub decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign in July 2014 to help it begin selling the app on the market, create mobile versions for the Apple Store and Android Market, and translate it into additional languages. Premium Accounts are now on sale on the following crowdfunding website https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dashub#french. These come with unique, exclusive advantages (lifetime account).

Created by Olivier Laurent

Dashub was created by Belgian entrepreneur Olivier Laurent. Mr Laurent launched Archangelis, a start-up specialising in text-to-speech synthesis software for the blind and visually impaired, in 2000. He subsequently mounted a web agency working exclusively with international non-profit organisations. Dashub is his latest project.

More informations : https://www.dashub.info



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