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CLEARSY has installed the new innovative version of its platform screen doors control system in Stockholm

Publié le 05/02/2018 à 13:20

In Stockholm City and Stockholm Odenplan stations, COPPILOT, the platform screen doors control system designed by CLEARSY, is now in charge of opening and closing the platform edge doors manufactured by Gilgen Door Systems. Opened in July 2017, Stockholm City and Stockholm Odenplan stations are the two stations of the Citybanan, a commuter railway tunnel beneath central Stockholm. For these two stations, CLEARSY and Gilgen Door Systems have developed unique and innovative features for the edge doors.

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Citybanan is an outstanding project. It costs 1.7 billion euros and required dynamites to bore a 6 km-long tunnel through the rock beneath the Swedish capital. The Stockholm railway commuter is now running under the city on its own double tracks. When it comes to traffic, 48 trains per hour are operating, in both directions. In addition, the two amazing stations of the Citybanan, Stockholm City and Stockholm Odenplan, are decorated with fine art and it is among art work that CLEARSY installed its new innovative platform edge doors controller.

COPPILOT system is controlling the platform screen doors, supplied by Gilgen Door Systems. The system is able to control every door separately from the others. However, the breakthrough innovation of the system is its ability to adapt doors opening widths. David Auprêtre, Business manager at CLEARSY, explains: “The system adapts the doors opening widths to where the train stopped. Consequently, access to the train is always optimal. Also, if train doors didn’t open, the platform screen doors facing them stay closed.”. Other features were especially developed for Stockholm like the assistance to stop the train. It is a light signal which decreases in intensity the closer the train gets. It informs the train operator of the distance from the train to the stopping point and so improves the comfort of the operator. Finally, the installed system is managing trains operating in both direction and with two different lengths. Fully autonomous, COPPILOT is based on sensors installed on the platform screen doors and a safety controller managing these sensors. As only 6 platforms were equipped and many different trains were operating, equipment on the wayside was the best technical and economical choice and so COPPILOT was the best fit for Stockholm.

clearsy Stockholm

Stockholm Odenplan station

About Clearsy

Since 2009, CLEARSY has been distributing and installing COPPILOT over the world – Paris, France and Sao Paulo, Brazil on the line 2. The French company recently installed the system on the line 15 in Sao Paulo, a monorail designed by Bombardier. In Stockholm, CLEARSY has demonstrated its ability to adapt the COPPILOT to a new environment. The system was finally unveiled by the Swedish first minister himself.

Clearsy is a French company specialized in the production of safety critical software and systems, certified SIL0 to SIL4, the highest in the railway sector. Very present in the railway sector, Clearsy has learned to work with companies such as Alstom, Bombardier, GE transportation, Siemens, Thales and RATP. This SME ensure safe system design, up to commissioning, and through the validation and verification.

More information: www.fersil-railway.com / www.clearsy.com

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