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ClearSy, French company specialized in railway safety critical products, opened an office in Canton, Connecticut

Publié le 22/09/2016 à 15:12

ClearSy, a French company specialized in railway safety critical products, systems and consulting services opened an office in Canton, Connecticut. From the US office, Clearsy is willing to better assist their clients and obtain a wider marketing presence in North America.

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Since 2001, ClearSy has promoted and has been developing the B method, a formal method for industrial application. B method is a mathematically based technique for specification, development and verification of systems. Their tool kit software to program in B method, is available on the website for free (www.atelierb.eu).

B formal method is now largely used for industrial application and ClearSy is famed to be the expert of B formal method. The method is now used by signaling company to develop their Automatic train pilot software and ClearSy is able to logically demonstrate safety of a system or validate a set of data by using it. One of the company's significant innovative accomplishments was the system safety verification of the CBTC programed for the line 7 in New York Metro (NYCT). Clearsy has performed the safety demonstration by using the B formal method.

When it comes to safety, Clearsy has also designed, developed and put in revenue service critical safety systems and software for transportation authorities (Paris RATP, Sao Paolo, Caracas, Stockholm metro), car manufacturers and signaling companies (Alstom, Bombardier, Hitachi, etc). The company’s strength is to provide turn-key system to their clients: their engineers develop, put in revenue service and also prove safeness of a system to safety agency. In addition, their systems are certified by an external safety agency.

ClearSy proposes several railway safety certified systems through the trademark FERSIL (www.fersil-railway.com) including platform screen doors control system, axle counter for signaling application, intrusion detection system, berthing system, safety remote I/O network, relays. All of their systems are already in revenue service on some of the busiest transit line all over the world.

The company has set three objectives: Installing its systems, developing new systems and promoting B method for software and system application. That’s why ClearSy is now targeting north American market.

Its success with NYCT has attracted interests from other railway companies in North America and ClearSy is strongly committed to answer their expectations. From the north American office, their ClearSy engineer wants to meet new clients and introduce ClearSy technologies. Finally, it will facilitate cooperation and project to design new solutions for North American Railway challenges.

For further information, please visit the website of ClearSy : www.clearsy.com/en or contact Clearsy in Connecticut at (860) 920 2249.

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