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Communiqué de presse Mercredi 09 Mai 2018

Hozana, social network of prayer, at last in English

Driven by its great success, Hozana - the Christian social network of prayer that gathers more than 160,000 French-speakers worldwide - is currently being launched in English! Pre-registrations are open for preview access to the Beta version.
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Hozana, social network of prayer

Hozana is a Christian social network of prayer, which enables you to create or join online prayer communities. For example, there is a community to receive Bible readings each morning with commentaries; or other ones offering specific meditations for Christmas or Easter; as well as retreats to help you grow in faith, find peace or reflect on the meaning of life.

Prayer will change the world

Thomas Delenda, the young French founder of Hozana, says: "I deeply believe that prayer can transform our hearts and change the world. One day we hope to reach hundreds of thousands, thousands of millions, or even more people united in prayer on the Internet and on their mobile phones."

Already 160,000 members worldwide

To date, the French edition of Hozana brings together more than 160,000 people, and counts 300,000 visits per month: in France, Europe, Africa and worldwide! Cecile, a Hozana user, testifies: "Please keep it up! So many people need prayers to start praying and not to feel totally alone in this vast world. With the Internet it seems like you can have millions of friends. Why not have millions of brothers and sisters in Christ? Won’t that be how we’ll live in Heaven?"

Faced with the enthusiasm of its users, Hozana continues its mission and is launching Hozana in English: video teaser and pre-registration on en.hozana.org! Those who will have invited at least 2 friends to pre-register will have access to preview the Beta version of the site.

How does it work?

On Hozana, you can enroll in hundreds of different online prayer communities, organized by worshipers, religious communities, media and other Christian organizations. Once enrolled you will receive publications from those communities and you can pray for and with the other members, leave comments or prayer requests. You can also create your own community of prayer, to organize prayers for specific causes by inviting friends and loved ones.
Preview access to the beta version on demand (only for journalists), get in touch!

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Contact presse : Thomas Delenda
Société : Hozana
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