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The 15 steps to contact journalist, the media and the press

Indeed, it is not always easy to contact journalist and the press. Indeed, the latter are in great demand.

Here are the different steps that will allow you to get in touch with the media or journalist of your choice.

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Define the message to send

So to stand out, you have to be efficient. Thus, you must know the elements to put forward to retain the attention of your interlocutor. What is likely to interest the journalist you contact?

The goal is absolutely not to promote. In the context of a press release, for example, the goal is to make the journalist want to write a paper or an article about your company. It’s even better if on top of that you give it all the necessary elements to deal with your subject quickly and easily!

Be concise in contacting journalists, the media and the press

In your approach, time is a factor to take into consideration. You have to get straight to the point to quickly interest your interlocutor.

first, you have to be impactful and concise so that the journalist or the media contacted immediately understands your message. Avoid overly long convoluted and indigestible sentences.

So in a few minutes, the journalist must know who you are, what is the goal of your approach and what news you are likely to bring him.

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Target the journalist or media to contact

First of all, the choice of your target is an essential element for the good reception of your message. Indeed, you must determine who will be the best interlocutor to transmit your news.

Find the column of the journalist you want to contact

So if you want to get in touch with a journalist, knowing their column can be a good idea. A journalist specializing in your field will have all the keys to understanding your message.

Indeed a journalist who is not specialized in your field will not give credit to your request.

Find the specialty of the media and journalist to contact

If you want to contact a media, the process is similar. There is a wide variety of different media. They can be generalists or specialized in a particular field (specialized press). It’s up to you to choose which one could best meet your expectations.

Know the readership of the journalist you want to contact

In addition to the area covered by the media you choose, you must first of all know for which audience its content is intended. We are talking about readership for a newspaper or magazine, television audience …

So their audience must potentially be interested in your news. So you need to know if you are likely to get his attention.

Find your contacts

Indeed there are several ways to find the contact of the media or journalists with whom you want to get in touch.

on the internet: whether on TV, print, radio or web, the majority of media have a website. You can find a contact form there as well as a phone number in some cases.
directories: they can be general or specialized. They are a good way to find a contact. They are interesting because the coordinates of the journalists or the media are directly classified there.
the bear: it is present in every newspaper and magazine in print. You will find the contact details of the various contributors to the publication (editor-in-chief and sometimes journalists). This is a good way to contact the media. by headings.

A media near you may be more interested

Indeed, the geographic location of the media you are going to contact is a factor that we do not immediately think about. However, in some cases contacting a media close to you will give you more credit for your request.

If your news is local, media from the same geographic area may be more concerned.

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To contact a journalist, pay attention to the frequency of publication

Indeed to contact a journalist, a newspaper or a magazine the frequency of publication must be taken into account.

Dailies: If you have a news item that needs a quick media appearance a daily may be a good option.
Monthly: In the case of a weekly or monthly it is important to organize yourself well in advance. You need to send news that can be picked up long after you make contact.
A paper or article about you can sometimes take several weeks to be written and published.

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Vary the supports

There are several types of media with therefore different media. There are print media, radio, television and the web. You must first focus on the media in which you want to appear but also try to diversify them.

Choose the right contact channel

So making contact by email is now the most common and practical way to contact a journalist. It will allow you to communicate your news clearly and quickly. However, some journalists prefer to have telephone contact.

Indeed, contact by phone will allow you to make your arguments more easily and more directly.

Pick the right time

Journalists certainly have a heavy workload but occasionally experience quieter times. At such times journalists are looking for material to write feature articles.

Indeed, it is during these lulls that it is interesting to contact journalists. They have more time and are better able to spend time on your news.

Do a media watch

A media watch or media watch consists of monitoring the various appearances of a given subject in the media. So if your news may relate to current events then this may be a good time to contact a media.

Raise reminders: a good way to contact journalists, the media and the press

It is true that you will not always be able to get answers the first time. Journalists have a significant workload. So it is quite possible that your first contact interested a journalist but forgot about it.

Thus, relaunching your interlocutor will be proof that your approach is serious.

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Maintain good relations with your contacts

So it is essential to stay on good terms with his contact even when you no longer need to collaborate with him. Over the course of your discussions, you create an address book for yourself. This is why it is important for you to have a good relationship.

You may have to work with this medium or this journalist again. They are also the guarantors of your reputation within this community.

In the best-case scenario you can therefore be recommended but can also be “black-listed” if your methods are not popular. So try to thank your interlocutor at the end of your discussions.

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