Press release distribution : the 5 steps

In this article, we talk about the press release distribution.

1. Upload your press release and its attachments (photos, etc.)

(We can write your press release for you, see prices).

First, start by writing your press release respecting the practices associated with this exercise: keep it short, concise, non-commercial, airy. In short: be efficient and above all do not adopt a commercial discourse. See here. the drafting rules.

press release distribution

Light reading

Journalists receive a lot of press releases. Reading a news release can be overwhelming and tedious. Avoid this !. Attach to your press release the necessary information on the subject covered: images, youtube, pdf, … Forget the writer who sleeps in everyone: be clear and concise.


So only attach what is relevant to your press release, avoid complex formatting: don’t try to look “beautiful”. Make it efficient and comfortable. So here you will find another version of good press release writing rules. As a result, the result of the press release distribution will only be more effective.

Many sites describe methods of writing a press release, we always find more or less the same rules.

Journalists receive a lot of press releases. So you are in direct competition with all other press releases. Don’t make it difficult for journalists!

Avoid the commercial style

First, don’t use laudatory vocabulary. Avoid these words: “unique, first, new, incredible,…”. This only undermines your press release. If you adopt a commercial style your press release becomes suspicious of “advertising”. This forces the reporter to check everything that is written. Because by nature advertising is often false or exaggerates the facts.

The reporter may not process your information if they have to verify it. Because he just doesn’t have the time or the inclination.

2. Target the journalists receiving the press release.

Target …

First choose from the 135 journalistic targeting sections. We are likely to modify your targeting with your agreement in order to make your choice relevant. Journalists are registered in thematic sections.
An effective press release distribution therefore requires a judicious choice of themes.

… but just target

It is therefore unnecessary and unproductive to target irrelevant headings. A journalist who works for example in a major media outlet usually only deals with one section, for example the section “gastronomy” or “travel” or “telephony”.
So if the subject does not concern him, he will not treat it, and will not pass it on to one of his colleagues.

We can also target journalists and media for you.

3. We check your press release before distribution on our platform

Before distributing your press release, a consultant will target it and then suggest improvements if necessary. (more information). So in order to maximize your chances of successful dissemination of your press release, we proofread your press release to check its editorial quality.

Also if we believe that some modifications are necessary to improve its distribution then we suggest corrections via a proof that we send you via email.

4. We send you a proof

Finally, before distributing your press release, we send you a proof that you must validate before press release distribution. This proof therefore makes it possible to verify that we have not made a mistake in transcribing your message.

press release distribution

5. Distribute and send your press release

The dissemination or press release distribution on our platform is carried out by email to each journalist selected in step 2.
Distributing or distributing a press release takes between 6 and 72 hours depending on the urgency and the changes that we may suggest to you and that you are likely to accept.

A few tips …

Regularity …

In fact, it is recommended to communicate regularly with journalists. Unless you have extraordinary news such as the invention of the water engine, your recurring news is all in all relatively normal.

Then do not hesitate to send regular releases. This indicates that you have the news. If you don’t hit the nail on the head the first time you still help build your reputation with journalists.
And at some point he will end up wondering who this company is that feeds him news so regularly.

Editorial schedules before press release distribution

Your news can also “fall” into a “copybook” period. The editorial notebooks are the substantive “Files” which deal with a particular theme. Example: “summer sunscreens” or “Christmas champagnes” or “real estate investments” etc.

Indeed, during these substantive “files” the “permeability” of journalists is greatly increased. It will give more space to lesser known companies. So the role of the journalist is then to give a broad view of the current offer in a particular field. So if he has seen news from your company regularly, he may find it easier to cover your subject. Consequently, the regularity of your communication is important. We must therefore build a recurrence and send regular press releases. While taking care of the quality and simplicity of your press releases.

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