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Fast, mobile 12V air compressor: New RING product line and an awareness campaign

Published on 27/06/2019 à 15:15

In France, almost 90% of car drivers don’t check the air pressure in their tyres regularly. That is the conclusion that can be drawn from a study conducted by the manufacturer Ring Automotive. Based on their awareness campaign, Ring Automotive is showcasing their new line of compressors that addresses the main problems with tyre pressure: safety, economy, environment, practicality, availability.

Safety: 153,000 accidents each year in Europe are due to under-inflation

When it comes to under-inflated tyres, the official figures show around 153,000 accidents per year in Europe. During the summer, it is the primary factor in almost 15% of fatal accidents, especially because of secondary factors such as overloading and hot weather. Under-inflation by 0.5 bar per tyre is all that is needed to cause destructive overheating that generally leads to the tyre bursting.

90% of drivers do not check their tyres until after they have reached a point at which they are dangerous

Although the need to regularly check your tyres might seem obvious, an alarming number of drivers do not check their tyres until after they have reached a point at which they are dangerous. If they did check them, this avoidable safety problem could be solved.

Significant economic and environmental impacts

An wrongly inflated tyre wastes fuel. It absorbs energy each time the wheel rotates, instead of transmitting it to the road. Under-inflation by 20% produces an increase in fuel consumption of 5% and an increase in tyre wear of more than 15%. This represents about â?¤70 per year in cost of additional fuel consumed. Not counting the fact that you will have to buy tyres more often because they will wear faster....


ring compressor

Most people are unaware of the environmental advantages

78% of drivers polled did not realise that proper tyre pressure contributes to protecting the environment

Correctly-inflated tyres have a positive impact on the environment, because they can lead to the release of less carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere through better fuel efficiency. A reduction in CO2 emissions contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Check them before your MOT

The tyre is the only part of the vehicle that is in direct contact with the road. As such, it plays a determining role in safety, and is therefore an important line item of the MOT. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises during this famous test, we can prepare for it by checking some aspects of the tyres oneself, and thus limit the risk of needing a retest.

80% of drivers say that they go somewhere else to check the pressure in their tyres

RING pumps are very compact and can be stored very easily in a car boot. You won’t need to drive to the next tyre inflation station or to a petrol station, for example. This is even more important as the pressure check and pumping should be done with cold tyres


gamme ring

•    Very practical for checking tyre pressure and topping them up a little in a few seconds.
•    A wide screen for reading and setting the pressure you want
•    Programmable with a memory function Means it can inflate the tyre automatically and stop once the set pressure has been reached
•    Start/Stop button for ease of use
•    It plugs into the 12V outlet in the car (cigarette lighter) and the RETC6000 can recharge from a 230V socket
•    LED lighting


Audrey Masseillou, international marketing manager, says "Thanks to this study, we decided to conduct a prevention and awareness campaign on this subject. Tyre maintenance is important for all drivers, so we have developed a solution that is as quick and easy as possible."

A website dedicated to awareness

The website dedicated to the operation offers drivers all the useful information for checks the driver can perform themselves before each long trip and gives the answers to important questions such as:

•    How do you check a tyre?
•    When should the pressure be checked?
•    What are the results of under-inflation?


Posters as well as numerous communication tools at points of sale make it possible to inform drivers of the risks associated with incorrect tyre pressure and are intended to encourage drivers to check tyre pressure more regularly.

Available in many sizes of varying performance, RING offers multiple solutions to suit each customer’s needs.

You don’t need to pay for this service any more, which is more and more often no longer free at petrol stations.



The whole RTC product line:

Réf.  Specification  Product sheet
RTC200 Analog compressor www.ringautomotive.com/fr/product/RTC200
RTC400 Digital tyre pump www.ringautomotive.com/fr/product/RTC400
RTC600 Programmable digital compressor www.ringautomotive.com/fr/product/RTC600
RTC1000 Wide-screen programmable digital compressor www.ringautomotive.com/fr/product/RTC1000
RTC5000 Programmable digital tyre pump-deflator www.ringautomotive.com/fr/product/RTC5000
RETC6000 Wireless mains-rechargeable multifunction compressor pump-deflator www.ringautomotive.com/fr/product/RTC6000

See detailed product range (PDF)
See detailed product range (web page)

Retail price: From €24.90



About Ring Automotive

With 40 years of experience in the field of car lighting, equipment and accessories, Ring is one of the major suppliers in the automobile after-sales market. Since 1974, Ring has not stopped innovating to improve car lighting, before diversifying their product portfolio to expand their offerings into the car electronics and workshop equipment sector. Ring’s line of products, in particular, includes portable LED lamps, solutions for maintaining batteries, portable tyre pumps, on-board cameras and various other accessories for the professional or for the car driver.

For further information: www.ringautomotive.com



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Published on 27/06/2019 à 15:15 sur 24presse.com
RING Automotive


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