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Love locks on the Pont des Arts: Love Lock Bank takes over

Publié le 21/01/2016 à 13:54

Installing glass panels on the Pont des Arts in Paris, for safety reasons, has put an end to the tradition of “love locks” being attached to the structure by lovers passing through the capital. Launched in 2015, the Love Lock Bank site offers romantics the world over a simple, alternative way to keep these tokens of affection, which can even be immortalised in a souvenir video, right in the heart of Paris.



Having been fastened onto the bridges of Paris since 2008, and particularly onto the “Pont des Arts”, by couples from all over the world who threw the key into the Seine, the love locks became too heavy, putting the structures holding them in danger. As a result, the City of Paris is now inviting lovers to show their affection in other ways.

Stéphane, a Parisian with suitable premises of several hundred square metres in central Paris, took this invitation at its word. As such, his site
lovelockbank.com offers lovers the world over a new way to mark their time in the capital of romance, and also gives those who can’t physically travel to Paris the opportunity to send their love locks to the City of Light and to keep this token of their vows there.

Depository in the heart of Paris

For 10 euros (tax included), the lock will be carefully kept in the lovelockbank right in the heart of Paris. Couples will be able to retrieve their love lock whenever they wish by asking for it to be forwarded to them wherever they are in the world for 20 euros (tax and delivery included).

Souvenir video

In addition,
Lovelockbank.com offers a souvenir video of each lock, taken in the place where they are now banned: “the Pont des Arts”, to keep the original essence of the custom alive. Available on YouTube, the video will also be sent via email as a file, so that couples can keep it. The combined offer of 10 years’ storage and a souvenir video comes to 15 euros (tax included).




Available to lovers the world over

Unlike with the custom carried out up until now on the “Pont des Arts” and on bridges the world over, because this is a global phenomenon, there is therefore no longer any need to travel to Paris to leave your lock in the City of Love.

“Via the Internet, this opportunity is now available to lovers the world over, who now only have to pop their love lock into an envelope,” Stéphane emphasises, “while they wait to be able to travel to Paris themselves, and to rendezvous, perhaps in the spot where it was filmed: the “Pont des Arts”, the “Lovers’ Bridge”.

About Love Lock Bank

Opened in 2015, the Love Lock Bank website offers lovers a 10-year extendible depository service for “love locks” as well as the creation of a souvenir video.

More informations : www.lovelockbank.com




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