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Predictive Geolocation: The start up Roofstreet raises 215 000 euros from Seed4soft to launch the Veery solution

Publié le 07/03/2017 à 13:23

A pioneer of predictive geolocation in France, the Roofstreet start-up, which benefits from the structural and financial support of the Seed4soft network, announces a fundraising of 215,000 euros to accompany the commercialisation of the “Veery” solution, a SDK allowing for the integration of predictive geolocation with any mobile application.
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Establishing itself in a high-potential market

Founded in August 2015, the Roofstreet Start-up is based on the expertise of the Seed4soft network, from which it has received an initial fundraising of 215,000 euros, to accelerate the growth of Roofstreet and permit it to establish itself in an emerging, high-potential market, that of predictive geolocation.

“Finding a partner like Seed4Soft, who is able to identify our needs and understand our very specific software market was a strategic challenge for us”, said Angel Gomez, founder of Roofstreet, "This fundraiser is the first step towards a real revolution in user experience for geo- localized applications".

"We are very proud to be part of the adventure: Roofstreet fits perfectly in our core business, and we have full confidence that Angel Gomez and his team will make this collaboration a success", says Franck Delorme, President of Seed4soft

Hervé Couturier, Roofstreet’s Seed4soft mentor concludes, “We will drive this project to the success we are expecting. The market is changing and needs a new actor offering a real technological breakthrough".


veery Software Development Kit géolocalisation prédictive


Veery, polymorphous Software Development Kit 
The objective of Roofstreet is to tailor geo-localised applications to the real habits of their uses, and to allow companies to offer a proactive service in line with consumer needs. 
With this in mind, Veery is a SDK (Software Development Kit) to allow the integration of predictive geolocation directly into any mobile application. Applications then become capable of proactively offering services to users based on their future locations and intended movements.
The demand to make this technology accessible is particularly strong in the “Smart Cities” and new human mobility sectors: taxi networks 2.0, shared vehicle applications or even make autonomous vehicles available in the right places.

About Seed4soft

Seed4soft is a club of software experts with an unparalleled experience in all facets of B2B software business. Acting like an investment fund, Seed4soft members invest between €200k and €400k in promising early-stage software startups.

More informations

Roofstreet : http://roofstreet.io
Seed4soft : www.seed4soft.com


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