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Endometriosis : Innovation in the reduction of the main disabling symptom. For 91.3% of women, their quality of life is regained.

Published on 03/05/2021, 7:00 PM

A clinical study highlights, for the first time, 66.1% reduction in pain due to endometriosis thanks to an innovative solution

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Paris, France - March 5, 2021 - Laboratoires Pronutri present a specific complex showing a 66.1% reduction in pain due to endometriosis. A clinical study published in the journal Minerva Ginecologica in October 2020 and in the journal Genesis in June/July 2020 shows a reduction in pain in women with endometriosis of AFSr* stages II, III and IV in a maximum of 4 months.

As endometriosis is an ever-increasing pathology, generally recurrent and often accompanied by intense chronic pain, millions of women worldwide will be able to access a solution that can improve their quality of life.

A natural solution formulated and developed in France

Laboratoires Pronutri, whose headquarters and production center are based in France, have developed a specific and innovative formulation of trace-metals called Nutri Endo®, a natural solution that reduces pain by 66.1% in women suffering from endometriosis. This level of reduction is a particularly high index considering that pain reduction is defined as significant as early as 33% according to a study published in 2003 (cf.1).

Nutri Endo is a specific complex of trace-metals assembled in sequences. It is natural and free of undesirable effects. Its recommended duration of use is 2 months for early stages (I and II) or for prevention and 4 months or more for stages III and IV and long established endometriosis.

Nutri Endo can be taken during Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP) processes.

Endometriosis, a recurrent pathology, in constant increase

According to the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, endometriosis affects approximately 10% of women worldwide and more than 2 million in France.
Cases of endometriosis are constantly on the rise and we are seeing a broadening of age groups with more and more young girls affected from the time of their first menstrual period.

Endometriosis is a generally recurrent pathology, caused by the abnormal presence of endometrial cells outside the uterine cavity.
Pain is the main disabling symptom. Chronic pain prevents a woman from leading a normal, professional, social and intimate life, and can even lead to sterility. Follow-up in a pain center is sometimes necessary. In case of surgery, the average post-operative recurrence rate is about 20% within 5 years.

An international multicenter clinical study

Nutri Endo has been submitted to a clinical study approved by regulatory authorities and ethics committees. This study was conducted in several international centers on a randomized, double- blind, placebo-controlled basis in premenopausal women with a diagnosis of ASFr stages II, III and IV endometriosis.

Nutri Endo for women of various ages

The Nutri Endo innovation is aimed at women with various endometriotic profiles, from the preventive stage for the youngest (first menstruation) to the oldest, as well as women with a desire to procreate.

Whether the endometriosis is recent or has been present in women for many years, the specific Nutri Endo formula provides a specific effective response and optimal compliance.

Testimonials from Health Professionals in their practice of Nutri Endo :

Testimonials from women using Nutri Endo :

About Laboratoires Pronutri

Laboratoires Pronutri are located in Carros in France and specialize in specific informational research induced in functional disturbances which, when they are restored, help restore balance and vitality. Laboratoires Pronutri formulate, manufacture and distribute nutritional supplements using advanced technology. They have multiple partnerships in advanced research with, amongst others, the ANR, CNRS and INSERM. Current discoveries, particularly in the field of endometriosis, represent the culmination of nearly 40 years of research and expertise in micro- nutrition and more specifically in the controlled molecular information and applications of Nutripuncture ®.

The Nutri Endo product is distributed under the brand name NUTRILAB, in a partnership with Laboratoires Pronutri : 



*AFSr : American Fertility Society classification revised

1. M. P. Jensen, C. Chen, et A. M. Brugger, « Interpretation of visual analog scale ratings and change scores: a reanalysis of two clinical trials of postoperative pain », The Journal of Pain, vol. 4, no 7, p. 407-414, sept. 2003

® Nutripuncture and Nutri Endo are registered trademarks

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