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France-Masques: The largest European platform dedicated to the purchase of non-sanitary masks, fully operational and highly regarded globally

Published on 07/22/2020, 11:55 AM

With a production capacity of 4 to 6 million masks per day, the France-Masques platform supports companies and institutions with their recovery strategy, but also individuals with their everyday protection. Available in adult and children’s sizes, the platform’s eco-responsible masks meet current standards as well as the more restrictive criteria defined for the "France Masques" label, whose characteristics meet the latest WHO recommendations dated 5 June.

A production capacity of more than 4 million masks per day

At a time when lockdowns are increasingly being eased, the challenge is to help everyone approach this new phase calmly, while avoiding another wave. In permanent demand in international relations, Mr. Bouazama has assembled, through France Masques, a dedicated team of national and international stakeholders and manufacturers. 

Thanks to a production capacity of 4 to 6 million masks per day, the platform guarantees deliveries after between 48 and 72 hours, based on a refined distribution network, both road and air, and on storage spaces of more than 11,000 m2, distributed between Île-de-France and the Grand-Est region. The global offer includes a range of solutions, from a box of 10 masks for the individual to the rental of cargo planes, from 6 million masks, for the export of large volumes.

Eco-friendly masks

Made of non-woven fabric and comprising three layers of polypropylene, according to the latest WHO recommendations dated 5 June 2020, the masks labelled "France-Masques" are in category 1, for non-sanitary use. In other words, they can be used by the general public but also by professionals in contact with the public. Available in adult and children’s sizes, the eco-responsible model allows up to 10 washes at 60°, with no loss of performance.

A label that goes beyond IFTH and DGA approvals

"France-Masques" products are subject to specific labelling, beyond the standards imposed by current regulations. Thus, the label guarantees permeability three times higher than the criteria set out by the DGA and the IFTH, making it possible to avoid fogging of glasses or feelings of suffocation. Only 20% of masks on the market meet this criterion.

Made of virgin polypropylene material, latex and PVC free, the masks provided by the platform are hypoallergenic and their integrity is preserved thanks to tests on the resistance of the elastics. The latter are also made of a double elastic band, to avoid pain behind the ears. Finally, a quality approach is imposed throughout the product cycle.

An international platform

In demand since the start of the pandemic for their network of contacts, the members of the France-Masques Team wanted to build a sustainable and reliable platform, focusing on quality. "Today, we are working with cities, regions, and large companies in France, but demand from abroad remains significant, and we are moving forward with foreign education ministries to supply their next school year and are finalising the first orders from the United States and Cyprus. We are also receiving more and more expressions of needs from South America and the Middle East".

Although France-Masques is able to supply large volumes, the platform is also aimed at individuals who can order a single box of 10, 30 or 50 masks. On the site, payment is completely secure, thanks to a partnership with Société Générale.

A service offered to anticipate a possible second wave

The France-Masques Team is already offering companies and administrations help to prepare for a possible second wave in France, by offering a non-binding service to be part of a dedicated listing in order to save time in the future.




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Published on 07/22/2020, 11:55 AM on 24presse.com
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