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FILTRELEC F5, the first ever filter system for transformer pits and containment bunds featuring filter cartridges that can be changed onsite

Published on 27/11/2018 à 18:27

AKHELEC is launching the world's first ever filter for removing hydrocarbons from water that has filter cartridges that can be changed onsite. With the FILTRELEC® F5, you only need to replace the filter cartridge, rather than the whole filter, when it gets saturated with oil.

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50% less waste

Until now, filters for transformer containment bunds were single-use filters: once saturated with oil, the whole filter had to be replaced with a new one. The FILTRELEC® F5 is a system for which you only need to replace the filter cartridge.

At a time when environmental protection is, more than ever, a major concern, the FILTRELEC® F5 system has been entirely ecodesigned, integrating environmental aspects from the design stage, with the aim of reducing its impact on the environment throughout the system's life cycle. It reduces the amount of waste produced by 50% compared to conventional filters.

An effective way to protect our Environment

This filter system is designed for the major users of high-voltage transformers - for example NATIONAL GRID, EDISON, UKPM or JACOBS – as well as for electrical contractors such as SCHNEIDER, LIGHT SOURCE and SOLAR CENTURY. Power transformers contain large quantities of oil, mainly of mineral origin, which is not biodegradable.

In the event of an oil leak, the rainwater running down the walls of the transformer is charged with hydrocarbons and can pollute the environment and, more seriously, the groundwater. To manage this risk, electrical substations are equipped with systems to collect the oil, primarily containment bunds and pits equipped with water filters designed to remove hydrocarbons.

Three functions to ensure compliance with Clean Water legislation

The FILTRELEC® system fulfils three functions, that complete the containment equipment on which it is installed: it continuously drains off rainwater, traps hydrocarbons definitively, and seals off instantly in case of sudden hydrocarbon leak. At the filter outlet, the decontaminated water contains less than 5 ppm of hydrocarbons per liter: in compliance with the Clean Water Act, FILTRELEC® traps toxic hydrocarbons, thereby avoiding water and soil contamination.

Time saving, money saving

Time saving, since the filter cartridge can be replaced directly on-site, simply and in a matter of minutes. Money saving, since you only need to replace one part of the filter system.

Designed and manufactured in France, using materials made to withstand UV radiation and extreme temperatures, the FILTRELEC® F5 is also more robust than conventional filters, and has a longer service life.


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FILTRELEC® in images

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Video : https://youtu.be/vx8_wKh5FYQ


AKHELEC specialises in environmental protection for electrical transformers

As part of the GMT International Group, AKHELEC has over 20 years of experience in the Energy and Environmental Protection sector, designing, manufacturing and marketing hydrocarbon containment equipment, natural flame as well as active extinguishing systems and rainwater filtering systems for electrical transformers.

As a special partner of NATIONAL GRID, EDISON, UKPM or JACOBS, AKHELEC is recognised worldwide.

Product availability

Launch phase: 15th November 2018

Technical specifications : https://www.akhelec.com/hydrocarbons-filtration-systems/42-rechargeable-filter-for-oil-polluted-water.html


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