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The global dubbing and localization company Lylo raises €1 million from Breega Capital

Publié le 26/01/2017 à 15:21

Lylo, a dubbing and subtitling platform for all media has raised one million euros from Breega Capital Venture One, accelerating its growth potential.

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Streaming sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO GO have revolutionized how content is produced and delivered. This has also completely changed the parameters of the localization process, (dubbing, voice over and subtitling). Content must now be made available to a global audience simultaneously in many different languages rather than just one. For example “House of Cards” is currently distributed simultaneously in 80 languages.

Lylo offers these new content producers and distributors a collaborative market platform ensuring the localization of their programs meet their standards and requirements. By connecting thousands of independent professionals (translators, comedians, technicians and studios) throughout the world to the company’s digital post production centers with its proprietary software, Lylo offers high-quality localization with best in class turnaround times while guaranteeing total content security to its clients.

Like Deliveroo or Airbnb, Lylo leverages the potential of multiple regional providers by pooling their skills (eg. dubbing in Lithuanian, subtitling in Mandarin, etc.) thus offering high quality, secure and time sensitive international and multilingual localization service to its clients worldwide.

"Our collaborative platform and content security system have been very well received by the market, but if we want to keep up with the demand, we have to be able to recruit thousands of professionals to ensure the localization of all these programs. This will allow us to maintain and increase our momentum in this: $2 billion per year global market" explains Grégoire Parcollet, CEO and co-founder of Lylo.
"Through our investment, we are very pleased to be able to help Lylo develop its offer based on unique  disruptive technology for producers of television series and international media content" adds François Paulus, co-founder of Breega Capital.

About Lylo

Founded in 2012, Lylo  provides turnkey localization services for content producers around the world including programs from the Viacom group (South Park, Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob, etc.), HBO (Game of Thrones, Divorce, etc.), Toei (One Piece). It has dubbed and sub-titled more than 30,000 programs to date.

In 2016, Lylo's  annual turnover reached €10 million euros  with 50 employees working in its post production centers and recording studios in Paris, Brussels and Casablanca. Lylo also maintains facilities in partnership throughout Italy, Germany and Spain


About Breega Capital

Breega Capital is a European venture capital fund created and managed by entrepreneurs that finance start-ups in the digital economy.

Intervening as seed / series A investors ranging from €500,000 to €3 million, Breega Capital operates as a partner, rather than just a simple financial backer.

Beyond the entrepreneurial expertise of its team, Breega Capital can count on its network of shareholders and subscribers made up of institutional investors and a community of some 100 entrepreneurs with leaders  from the technology industry from the co-founder of LinkedIn to Netatmo.

Breega Capital brings smart money to its shareholders and accelerates the business of the companies they invest in.

Very active alongside post-investment entrepreneurs, this innovative positioning has made Breega Capital the first French Tech Acceleration fund to be bought by Bpifrance.


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Publié le 26/01/2017 à 15:21 sur 24presse.com
CONILH Marie Pierre
Lylo Media Group


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