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CLEARSY passes a new major milestone : ERSA is joining CLEARSY

Publié le 01/08/2018 à 13:20

The ERTMS unit of CLEARSY is passing a new major milestone, thanks to the acquisition on July 12th 2018 of the company ERSA (European Rail Software Applications) for which Patrick Deutsch was the cofounder with ERRI in 1998 and its Technical Director for 18 years. ERRI (European Rail Research Institute) was the body in charge of the creation of the first set of ERTMS/ETCS specifications for UIC in the frame of the A200 project.

This acquisition enables CLEARSY to access new markets, especially abroad. ERSA has a wide range of simulators for training (operational simulator or traffic simulator, EVC or DMI simulator), a range of test benches for onboard systems (ETCS OBU) or trackside systems (RBC), as well as software for an ETCS DMI for baseline 2 and baseline 3. Some tools (TSW, TSD) are also widely used in the frame of European projects.

Based in Strasbourg, in the heart of Europe, ERTMS unit of CLEARSY has started to be known for various activities such as the design of a tool facilitating the understanding of baseline 3 braking curves, and the development of software for the ETCS DMI SIL 2.

Both companies will combine their expertise and skills to harmonise our solutions and offer services and products ever more innovative and safe. 

About Clearsy

Since 2009, CLEARSY has been distributing and installing COPPILOT over the world – Paris, France and Sao Paulo, Brazil on the line 2. The French company recently installed the system on the line 15 in Sao Paulo, a monorail designed by Bombardier. In Stockholm, CLEARSY has demonstrated its ability to adapt the COPPILOT to a new environment. The system was finally unveiled by the Swedish first minister himself.

Clearsy is a French company specialized in the production of safety critical software and systems, certified SIL0 to SIL4, the highest in the railway sector. Very present in the railway sector, Clearsy has learned to work with companies such as Alstom, Bombardier, GE transportation, Siemens, Thales and RATP. This SME ensure safe system design, up to commissioning, and through the validation and verification.

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