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Documents legalization, authentication and Hague Apostille : Complex procedures for the recognition of documents abroad

Published on 11/12/2019, 3:53 PM

Individuals and companies are subject to very strict regulatory requirements to validate documents abroad, whether to provide a copy of passport, a birth or marriage certificate, diploma or some documents for companies such as Certificate of incorporation, Power of Attorney….

The approaches differ depending on the country of destination and the nature of the document in a legal framework that is constantly evolving

As one of the leading companies in Europe, https://www.service-apostille.com/en/ can obtain Apostille and legalization for all documents for any country.

Documents admissible: neither copy nor foreign langage

The documents must first meet the certification requirements to be accepted, the copies are rejected, the dates of issue are verified and the language must imperatively be in the official language.

Documents are perfect? Depending on the country of destination Apostille or legalization procedures can then begin.

Hague Convention: a simplified procedure for some countries members

The Hague Convention, a permanent institution headquartered in the Netherlands, brings together a range of countries and jurisdictions that have adopted a simplified procedure, but with many exceptions and derogations depending on the nature of the documents.

Legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consular Services

Apart from the Apostille, there is most often only the general procedure of having each document certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then by the consular services of the countries of destination certified according to foreign law which imposes a particular procedure according to the legal system of the country of destination and the payment of taxes.

Sworn translations

The legalized or apostilled document may then be translated by a sworn translator https://www.service-apostille.com/en/ takes care of all the process, the documents treated according to a secure procedure are available in a few days, ready to be produced in the country of destination, in compliance with the regulations in force.

With an online service that delivers 7/7 a quote in the day, a permanent assistance and interventions guaranteed, Service-Apostille.com is an essential tool for individuals, expatriates, students abroad, businesses and consulting professionals

More informations : https://www.service-apostille.com/en/


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Published on 11/12/2019, 3:53 PM on 24presse.com


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