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Press release distribution pricing

Press release distribution pricing

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 Dist 1 : One country (example : USA, Germany, ...)
195 €
450 €
650 €
990 €
 Dist 2 : Europe* (43 european countries)
295 €
590 €
790 €
1 190 €
 Dist 4 : Europe + USA +Canada
395 €
790 €
990 €
1490 €

For any other country feel free to contact us : contact@24presse.com
*Albany, Germany, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungria, Irland, Island, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovaquia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, etc .

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team 24presse
Education : CFPJ Paris
mini-cv : Sud Ouest Group, WIT FM, Sport Aquitain, Figaro.fr
Education : National Institute of information and Communication (ISIC)
mini-cv : Sud Ouest Group, Spirit Magazine
Education : INSEEC, Fordham University N.Y.
mini-cv : CdF International India, KPMG Consulting
Education : School of Journalism (EJCAM)
mini-cv : Sud Ouest Group, Pressindex, ...
jean yves
Education : National Institute of information and Communication (ISIC)
mini-cv : Reuters , free lance journalist AFP

pricing press release distribution
pricing press release distribution europe
pricing press release distribution europe usa
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