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Communiqué de presse Mardi 07 Mars 2017

Come to My Spot launch - The Airbnb for the organization of events

Come to My Spot was launched on February 10, 2017. Come To My Spot is both a website and a mobile application made to help people to organize events at their place (their "spot") and to meet people sharing the same interests, while earning money.

Come To My Spot le Airbnb de l’évènement

In response to the often asked question "what are your plans for this evening / the weekend ?", Kevin Caliati and Florent Deraco have launched the website and the IOS/Android application www.cometomyspot.com.

The concept :

- Meet new people and share similar interests with them
- Earn money by organizing events at their place 
- Have fun for a small price by attending unique and exciting events where they live, alone or with friends

Come to my Spot encourages users to organize events at their home while earning money or to go to others people's places to attend home-made events like : 

- TV evenings with other addicts to watch sports, reality shows, singing contests ... 
- games evenings : music blind tests, poker games ...
- video games tournaments
- home made gourmet dinners
- movies and series marathon nights
- parties
- wine tastings
- book clubs
- salsa, yoga, fitness, music lessons ...
User’s imagination and creativity are the only limits.

To make it easy Come to my Spot has already identified the major sporting events broadcast on TV, such as football, rugby, basket-ball and tennis games.

Come To My Spot le Airbnb de l’évènement

Source of income - Make money with your place
With Come to My Spot, it is no longer necessary  to reserve a specific venue to organize an event.  Every living-room is a possible spot and hosts are free to set the price of their private party, and the differents options (drinks, foods, bonuses…)
How does it work ?

First of all, every user will have to create a profile on the website. Then, users can register for approved events  online according to their hobbies. Users will also be able to organize their own events if they wish to, by specifying precisely what the event will involve and how much it will cost to attend the party.

To attract as many guests as possible, hosts are advised to be very specific in their adverts (photos of the place, access conditions, how many guests are expected, profiles of people who will attend ...) and also very creative by offering free or chargeable options like snacking, drinks ...

Guest’s accounts will only be debited by Come to My Spot if the request to attend that he/she sent to the host has been approved by the latter.

Host's accounts will be credited with all the payments of all the attendants at the end of the event. Come to My Spot will take a commission of 12% to 25% fee beforehand.

The guarantee of payments and transaction security are ensured by Lemon Way (accredited payment institution)

User'sprofiles will be checked by Come to My Spot to ensure genuine adverts. Finally, both guests and hosts will be kindly asked to give a mark and write reviews.

come to my spot


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Rédacteur : Come to My Spot  

Contact presse : Florent DERACO
Société : Come To My Spot
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