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Documentary: Ivory trafficking and poaching, a documentary reveals the underbelly of international trafficking

Published on 28/02/2023 à 17:46

The director, Maxime Ginolin, who made the shock film "GROSSE", is releasing a hard-hitting documentary about "Conservation Justice", an NGO that has helped lead to the arrest of over 500 wildlife traffickers in Africa. The documentary takes us deep into the heart of Conservation Justice's impressive fieldwork to bring down a lucrative and far-reaching trade.




maxime ginolinSocially-aware filmmaker Maxime Ginolin and his partner Guillaume Martinez (cameraman/editor/composer) have made a documentary about Conservation Justice's work to combat ivory trafficking in Gabon.

While in Gabon in May 2022, the two partners followed the NGO's coordination team and undercover informants. The latter risk their lives to help catch the traffickers who have been slaughtering forest elephants for decades.

Conservation Justice's fight against wildlife trafficking

Conservation Justice is an NGO founded by Luc Mathot which has been operating in Gabon since 2010. It is a member of the EAGLE network, which fights to protect elephants and other species threatened by poaching and wildlife trafficking. Every year, nearly 30,000 elephants are killed in Africa by poachers, paid and organised by international trafficking networks.

Conservation Justice undertakes the following actions in the fight against wildlife trafficking:

  • Identification of traffickers of ivory and other illegal wildlife products
  • Collaboration with the authorities to facilitate their arrest
  • Legal support to strengthen legal proceedings
  • Informing the general public about the effective implementation of the wildlife law

500 traffickers

In the last 12 years, more than 500 wildlife traffickers, mostly ivory traffickers, have been arrested and convicted thanks to the partnership between Conservation Justice and the Gabonese authorities.

trafic d'animaux gorillesconservation justice


Combatting illegal logging

Conservation Justice has also developed a similar approach to combatting illegal logging, resulting in over 300 arrests since 2012.

Supporting over 100 village communities

Conservation Justice also works with over 100 village communities each year  to ensure that their rights are respected. Activities are also organised in schools to raise awareness, reaching more than 2,000 children each year. 

All these activities are made possible thanks to the support of technical and financial partners, mainly the European Union, who believe in the work and effectiveness of Conservation Justice.

Conservation Justice has chosen to work with the director Maxime Ginolin and his team at MagiCJacK Production, which has been specialising in the production of socially-aware films for over 10 years 



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Published on 28/02/2023 à 17:46 sur 24presse.com
Mathot Luc
Conservation Justice


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