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Sunlab: An environmental, solar powered mini-oven that teaches how to 'really cook'

Published on 07/15/2019, 11:10 AM

Conceived by the french start-up Solar Brother, the Sunlab mini-oven won the bronze medal at the Lepine Competition in 2019. In the spirit of the Montessori pedagogy , it helps initiate children into the many uses of solar power, from as young as six.



Skewers of fruit with melted chocolate, Veggie tarts with cheese, melted marshmallows, pizza… More than a simple game, Sunlab is an environmentally friendly mini-oven that works entirely on solar power, offering a gentle cooking temperature range of 40 to 80 degrees Celsius, designed by French company Solar Brothers to help budding young chefs starting out to prepare real recipes, all with renewable energy.



The solar workshop for little chefs

As with the entire of their range, Solar Brother always envisage the primary goal of any product they create to be an increased  knowledge of solar energy. The mini-cooker offers a pedagogic learning tool in three stages:

•    Children learn primarily how to build a solar oven.
•    They discover the functionality of solar power while respecting the rule of the three C's: Concentration, Conservation, Captivation
•    They cook many tasty and creative recipes


A fun  and educational tool, without risk

In the spirit of the Montessori pedagogy, the Sunlab places the personal experience of the child at the heart of the learning process. If the supervision of an adult is necessary, the solar powered mini-oven still offers them huge autonomy, allowing them to use utensils in complete safety.

Without fire or risk of smoke emissions, the Sunlab uses neither gaz nor electricity. It functions exclusively thanks to the  capturing of the Sun's rays. The temperatures are mild, and wooden batons prevent the opening of the cooking drawer, so outside the oven remains cold, avoiding any risk of burns.


Easy to use in Winter or summer

To use Sunlab, nothing could be easier: Just check the weather report for clear skies, the Sunshine needs only be strong enough to cast shadow regardless of temperature, the Solar Brother mini-oven can be used Summer or Winter. The mini-oven needs only to be orientated towards the Sun. Then one only has to angle the mirrors towards the light, using the batons provided to focus the rays in the transparent window of the mini-oven and the temperature inside will quickly rise. Cooking can now begin.

On average, allow 10 minutes for chocolate, 20 minutes for cheese and 30 minutes to reheat a pizza or other recipes.

The pleasure of open air cooking

This simple system allows young children to learn about thermic solar energy in a fun way. In their garden, at the beach, the park, even a forest, they can enjoy the pleasure of preparing their own recipes, while using the Sun to cook real meals at open-air picnics.



Zero pollution, zero waste

Respectful of the environment, concentrated solar energy produces no waste and offers wonderful autonomy, thanks to its use of free, renewable energy that is available to everyone. The Sunlab can be reused several times, allowing for multiple cooking experiences. Its inventors even thought to include the plans for home construction, to allow users the opportunity to make their own version of the ecological mini-oven. The goal? The promotion and dissemination of the uses of solar, the sustainable power source of the third millenium.

Sunlab - Price: €25.00
Weight : 350g
For ages 6 and above
Available to purchase: Via Amazon and other online retailers

solar brothersAbout Solar Brother

Who hasn’t tried at one point or another since childhood to capture the power of the Sun in glass, in order to start a spark of fire and burn paper? An old principle of Archimedes that Gilles Gallo et Gatien Brault, founders of Solar Brother, reimagined in a modern way to create a range of ecological products, both playful and useful: Briquets, Bar-B-Q’s, fire-lighters…and even a children's solar power dining set for the little ones.

Their ingenuity has won them multiple prizes at the Lepine competition, and their products are today used as much by campers as Antarctic explorers.

Founded by Gilles Gallo and Gatien Brault, Solar Brother makes all its products in France. They are available via the website www.solarbrother.com.


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Gilles Gallo
Tel : + 33 6 42 21 17 56
Site web : www.solarbrother.com
Email : gilles.gallo@solarbrother.com

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