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Méphistophélès intègre le concept de la culture de son client afin de l’accompagner de manière personnalisée avec pour objectif d’assoir et solidifier sa présence et reconnaissance sur le marché .

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Méphistophélès Productions is a « all in one » agency :

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Méphistophélès integrates the concept of the culture of its client in order to accompany it in a personalized way with the aim of assuring and solidifying its presence and recognition on the market. Our in-house teams of experienced professionals share a unique sensitivity and ability to incorporate a broad range of strategic communications and PR / public relations activities. Mephistopheles garners international attention for its distinctive and innovative expertise in the arenas of fashion and lifestyle by providing a fresh and global approach.


Méphistophélès Productions provides events and shows organization ( creative concepts, lighting and set design, covers every aspect and all logistics of production) , art direction, photo shootings ( photographers, casting director , catalogues, look-books , editorials), styling and celebrity placement, hair and make-up, music production and much more !


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