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Mystery Escape: The largest Live Escape game in France and in Europe

Published on 15/10/2015 à 10:06

The first French designer of Live Escape Games in France holds its position as European leader thanks to its tailor-made and skillfully crafted enigmas created by Axel Rosiefsky and Gilles Cormerais. As masters of the game, they have proven their legitimacy in the field of Live Escape Games.

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Mystery Escape, No.1 in Live Escape games in Europe

One and a half year, when live escape games were vertually unheard of, Mystery Escape had already opened its first 4 game room site at 50, rue Monceau in Paris. Since then, the Mystery of the Manor has already racked the brains of over 25,000 players.

Riding on the wave of their first success, Mystery Escape have just opened their second site in Paris for the launching of their new game: The Mayan Prophecy.

The First French designer of Live Escape Games currently has 2 sites in Paris that can accommodate over 40 players simultaneously (with 2 reception areas from 50 to 110 m2) and 8 game rooms with a total area of ​​780 m2. Making it possible for more than 100,000 players to live the Mystery Escape experience this current year.

Having anticipated a fast developing global trend, Gilles Cormerais and Axel Rosiefsky immediately initiated the expansion of their brand both nationally and internationally :

- Opening in February in Copenhagen, Denmark
- Opening in May in Aix-en-Provence, France
- In ocotober, scheduled opening in Barcelona
- Additional partnership to be announced soon



video youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFJ_4Jg-Bwg


Mystery Escape reinvents the spirit of "team-building"

With their high-end services appealing to all sized companies, Axel Rosiefsky and Gilles Cormerais are able to offer a new challenging activity that meets the specific demanding requirements of professionals.

Accessible to teams from 3 to 5 people, the Mystery of Manor and the Mayan Prophecy offer a unique experience for companies wishing to create bonding, stimulating or simply improving communication flow within their teams. Certified and experienced coaches recommended by Mystery Escape can be called upon to observe teams in action.

Businesses and coaches who have chosen this experience to strengthen cohesion within groups are unanimous in stressing the unifying and stimulating effect of this activity.

Short format (easily integrated into a seminar agenda), challenges among the participating teams, and surprises are the perfect ingredients to give the team members a unique experience.

More informations : http://mysteryescape.com



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