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Seagow - The company who wants to allow the general public to breathe underwater thanks to an innovative solution

Publié le 28/03/2018 à 15:56

Who has never thought of being able to breathe and swim with fishes underwater ? With Seagow, it’s now possible, the scuba diving is now widespread.

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Created by a team composed of sea lovers and, Seagow is the simplest and cheapest underwater breathing system on the market. It allows to breathe up to 15 mins underwater. A mini scuba tank hold on the chest thanks to a very simple velcro system. It’s like a third lung so to speak.

The tank is empty and you want to dive again ? With Seagow, you can refill the tank by yourself in compressed air with the electric compressor. In only 3 mins your tank is full and you just have to jump into the water again.

seagow seagow


The Seagow innovation mostly concern the outdoor sports practitioners who are keen on using mask and snorkel. However, there is also many other applications such as sea rescue, sailing (vessel maintenance underwater), inflation of inflatable structures, etc …

Our company is at the start phase, but an international pre-sale operation is in progress.

After this laughing period, Seagow will be distributed in sport shop in Europe, North America and Australia.

The price of a mini scuba tank Seagow is 149€ (USD 179), and the package with the Seagow compressor is at 459€ (USD 551).

Seagow on Kickstarter, click here

More informations : www.seagow.com

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