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ALEXIS - Album 'Quelque part'

Publié le 28/05/2024 à 13:54


"QUELQUE PART", a pop-intimist album by artist ALEXIS. The desire to express through music the  imagination of a youth in memory. A musical encounter that touches on subjects such as freedom,  travel, expression and love. Accompanied by his guitar or a piano, he puts forward a pure, raw style.  "Writing in French is a real desire, sharing it on stage even more so". The desire to compose melodies,  to unwind the thread until he reaches his first project: that of a musical creation. 

Alexis, an artist of Breton origin, settled in Touraine to set up an artistic project, the album "quelque  part".

"At the age of 30, the desire to create and perform has become an essential part of my life. As a teenager, I was looking for a way to express myself, so I started going to the theater at a very young  age, then musicals, where I learned to sing a little. Seeing musicians play and sing made me dream. Self-taught, I learned to play guitar on my own, and tried to compose melodies, but they stayed in my bedroom drawers. My studies enabled me to play with a cover band. I played guitar on stage in front of an audience that listened to me, and time was suspended. I moved to Touraine four years ago. It was then that I learned to play the piano and started composing.

The instrument inspired me to create melodies, which I jotted down in notebooks. What triggered the creative process was an encounter at a studio in Tours. I went there to record a composition. From that moment on, the desire to write songs in French emerged... I wanted to express myself in my encounters, the need to escape, love and its complexities, buried emotions… I went back to the studio to lay down a demo. I met up with some musicians for rehearsals, a drummer and a bass player. I'm also joined by a trumpet-playing friend who supports me in this project despite the distance. And I fine-tune the lyrics with a co-writer. At concept prod, the sound engineer at the Tours studio invited me to produce this first album. After three years' work, the drums, bass, pianos, guitars, brass and vocals were recorded. The songs were mixed in Tours. Then mastered at the globe audio studio in Bordeaux. The album "Quelque part" was born". 

Alexis - "Quelque part"
1st Single "Tout va bien" 
Desordre Emotionnel
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
CD Digital / CD Physical Limited Edition

Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1725799579 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6wb1Ml8s8vM9SYiEIdfYej 

Youtube: https://youtu.be/S5p2FZ6EcJQ 

Fanlinks: https://fanlink.to/u8zr 

CD Physical Store: https://www.cdandvinyl.cdetvinyle.fr/products/quelque-part-alexis-album-cd



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