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The Anâssor Project - Album "Palimpseste"

Publié le 16/05/2023 à 10:19

"Anâssor" in Persian means, "the elements". Here are gathered two musicians familiar with the art of Persian music. Sajad Kiani, a young music and prodigious musician from Iran, arrived in France in 2017.He 's been awarded with several international prizes for his compositions and his art of playing the setâr.

Julien Lahaye, is a french percussionist specialized in Middle East percussions and more especially from Iran, who's used to collaborate with world renowned musicians.

In this “Palimpseste” album the duet offers a musical and poetic conversation. An improvisation according to the rules of Persian Art, like an allegory of what are these elements that compose us, surround us and question us. Iquâ (science of rhythms) and Hâl (state of grace), nourish this journey and carry us away.

"In this regard, improvising is giving an account of one’s emotions in that specific moment. If we accept that music is the narrator of deeply human emotions, so we might say that improvision is the most accurate approach to this goal.

Improvision is at the historical root of Iranian music teaching method. Iranian music students used to lissen to music pieces, play it and memorize it. They didn’t practice to read and play music sheets. Therefore, in every performance, they had this opportunity to recreate the piece according to their own feelings and preferences.

We can compare improvising to poetry. A poem which is the result of painstaking efforts, can never be equal to a poem which directly flows from one’s deep emotions.

Improvising is jumping into the river, the wild stream of your emotions, knowing that you can swim. Traditional Iranian music is a river in which every rock has been carved by generations of musicians improvising on the music their fathers once played. No sheet music. Emotions and memories. To the audience, a music piece renewed with each performance, deeply human, fresh and clear water to quench your thirst."

The Anâssor Project - Album “Palimpseste”
Iranian Improvisation music
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Apple Music https://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1685184042

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/0lmQIMNqBeTS8D2nmvkCfY

YouTube https://youtu.be/DjeVqIrowpg

Fanlinks https://fanlink.to/iXej



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Braoude Lydia
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