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A new brand of accessories 'Made in France' for iPhone and iPad

Published on 27/05/2014 à 16:23

Commercialized via its online shop, www.oferedesign.com, a selection of refined accessories, definitely high-end. Passion for Nature and refinement, style, quality and precious eco friendly products linked with a customizable products offer.




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Origins of the brand

Bridget Gage, after an experience in the branch of International Brand Licensing, founder and director in charge of product development wanted to bet, with “O’Férè”, on ecological materials, nude or decorated, to sublimate our means of mobiles communications.


Highquality and ecofriendly commitment


A label "Made in France" 

The materials are chosen as a sustainable development indicator and our researches focus on new natural components, selected for their solidity and attractive quality.


Passion for design and beautiful objects

Designers, artists and craftsmen unify their talent to propose a chic and refined range for lovers of beautiful accessories.

Objects with soft curves and strong lines, a range definitely elegant and sober but not elitist.
Our customization offer, engraved graphs and color illustrations, invite you to live a unique and singular experience…
Destined to Apple products users, our accessories are a way to promote a free, nomadic and connected way of life.


Name and products characteristics


Artback (Iphone)

iPad Case


29 to 39 €

Starting at 150 €


66 x 131 x 2,5 mm (iph5)
66 x 123 x 2,5 mm (iph4)

194 x 287 x 25 (Air)
207 x 288 x 26 (2/3/4)


9 g (iph5)
8 g (iph4)

400 g (Air)
450 g  (2/3/4)


Bamboo wood caramel

Natural Bamboo wood / caramel

Order Preparation

5 working days

1 week

Extraordinary event

For its launch, the brand, O’Férè, has decided to communicate and to put at costumer’s disposition list of products of a crowdfunding campaign. Go and visit the launch on www.indiegogo.com May 29th, 2014 (campaign until July, 04th).



Press Kit photos HD, click here




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