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Raincode announces the new release of its rehosting stack

Published on 10/10/2014, 3:15 PM

Raincode releases version 2.0 of its mainframe rehosting stack, developed specifically for Microsoft’s .NET and Azure.


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The Raincode rehosting stack is made of several components, including COBOL and PL/I compilers, a CICS® emulator and a DF-SORT®-compatible sorting utility, designed to provide consistently the best possible level of interoperability. The stack integrates seamlessly in Microsoft environments, using a Visual Studio® plugin with Intellisense® support for productivity.

These tools are designed not only to provide the emulation service per se, but also to support complex migration projects, whether they require a phased approach, dual execution to ensure equivalence, or stress testing and more.

Freely available COBOL compiler

As part of this release, a fully-functional version of the COBOL compiler is made freely available on the Raincode’s website (www.raincode.com/mainframe-rehosting/downloads), with no restriction regarding the number of developers or deployed runtimes. Users requiring ad hoc help, SLA’s or guarantees can contact Raincode for support services.

Darius Blasband, CEO: "Our goal is to provide more than rehosting alone: getting out of the mainframe should only be the first step, allowing the migrated application to evolve and take advantage of all that’s available in a more modern environment. We make sure the rehosting process does not act as a tar pit. New components can be written in any modern language and integrated seamlessly into the legacy system".

About Raincode

Raincode is a privately owned company, established in 1998 in Brussels, Belgium, which provides tools and services in the legacy modernization world.  In addition to its Brussels headquarters, Raincode has a sales operation in Paris, France and a US subsidiary in Jacksonville, Florida.

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