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EDS Trio – Album "Sombre"

Publié le 07/04/2023 à 11:46

Reunion on a jazz tune...

The album "Sombre" marks the return of the jazz trio EDS. After a break of nearly two decades, the bet was daring: record in a few days the album of the reunion. Alchemy works more than ever! Their playing has matured and marries the freedom and complicity acquired through a long practice of pure improvisation with the clarity of themes and compositions...

The lyricism and fluidity of Stéphane Sassi's piano dialogue with the atmospheric and sonic richness of Vincent Géraud's drums, all carried by the flawless pulsation, breaths and depth of Raphaël Commerçon's bass.

More than darkness, this album explores a range of chiaroscuro with various shades... We let ourselves be carried away in the enchantment of swaying melodies, throbbing ostinatos, or peaceful ballads that illuminate the colorful grays of "Sombre", for a gentle journey ...

EDS Trio
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd 
Cd Digital, Cd Physical – Limited Edition 

Track List 
- 01 – Sombre 
- 02 – Pharoa 
- 03 – Ralliement 
- 04 – Arrière-saison 
- 05 – La sérénade de Richards 
- 06 – Bill s Moods 
- 07 – Styx 
- 08 – Absolumente 
- 09 – Ondée 

Apple Music https://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1667233159

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1s4iJkpwR7kY6H47cceBtY

YouTube https://youtu.be/Ji7vuRE-y0w



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Braoude Lydia
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