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Publié le 13/06/2024 à 16:45

Mal, also known as "Mal of the Primitives", pseudonym of Paul Bradley Couling (Llanfrechfa, 27 February 1944), is a British singer and actor who obtained Italian citizenship in 1989. 

After his first steps in Great Britain, it was in Italy that he found great success. At the end of 1965 he was one of the leading artists at the "Piper" in Rome, the most trendy venue in those years for Italian beat. 

After countless successful records (even in the world of childhood, thanks to the theme song of the TV series "Furia") and after many Sanremo festivals (the most important Italian musical TV show), as a sign of gratitude for the origins of his success in 2019 Mal released the album "Grazie Piper! (Thank you piper!)", accompanied by a video clip shot entirely inside the historic Roman venue. 

Now, five years after his last release, on the occasion of his 80th birthday, Mal has decided to treat himself to a book and a brand new vinyl, with the prophetic title: "I'm Still Singing" (Clodio Management - Plaza Mayor Company), an album of unreleased tracks containing eleven songs, mostly written by Mal himself. 

Mal a magic voice from The Primitives
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Cd Digital & Vinyl Limited Edition 

Apple Music https://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1726910570

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1Az5EczM0xO9eZuHZ3Bo9E

YouTube https://youtu.be/lHUYdcq4kzw

Vinyl Order https://www.cdandvinyl.cdetvinyle.fr/products/im-still-singing-mal-vinyle-33t



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