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Interior design : Wallcover launches the completely customizable custom-made wallpapers

Published on 06/12/2015, 1:10 PM

Made to measure wallpaper in unique designs for contemporary interiors; wallpapers which are designed for any size of wall, which can be either smooth to the touch or with a linen texture depending on the desired effect; which can be based on wonderful prints by well-known or lesser known photographers, all of this is possible today with Elisabeth Gillet and her company “Wallcover”; an exceptional service affordable to all.


image wallcover


It all started when Elie Chouraqui, who, after 42 years as a film maker, director and producer, decided to exhibit the series of photographs “We were walls” of Kenya, a country dear to his heart.

Elisabeth is a specialist in signage for events (Influence Concept) and for 20 years has been decorating luxury boutiques, stands and fairs for well-known names.

She aims to give an appropriate character and atmosphere inspiring the walls with visual images, the best way to create a unique wallpaper, which can be found nowhere else and which best suits the interior.


image wallcover image wallcover


When showing people around a hotel, an apartment or a boutique, you need to tell a story and if your walls speak, if they inspire and get people talking, the game is won!

Photos of well known photographs, landscapes from the other side of the world or of an exotic setting,  a close-up of a precious detail, an old or recent family photograph, an image of crinolines or punk attitude, of history or science-fiction, Wallcover can make it into an elegant wallpaper to cover your walls.

Informations and details : www.wallcover.fr


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Published on 06/12/2015, 1:10 PM on 24presse.com
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