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The 8 steps to choose your press officer in a PR agency

8 steps to choose your PR agency

Above all traditional media are not as powerful as they used to be. However, they remain an essential asset when you want to promote your company or brand to the general public.

An appearance in a media is also a very rewarding aspect for future collaborations as well as with future clients.

So getting in touch with these media and getting them to talk about you requires the help of professionals. Difficult when you are not in the middle of knowing all the peculiarities of press relations.

Additionally to press relations agencies, press attachés are press relations specialists. They offer medium or long-term follow-up and manage all the press relations of a company or a brand.

Find out beforehand about the job of a PR agency

To choose the right press officer, it is essential to be well informed about her role as well as how press relations work. To achieve this, several solutions are possible:

Inquire on the web:

you will be able to find there a great deal of information relating to the press attaché profession and more generally to the press relations sector. Try to vary your sources by consulting articles from general sites but also directly from the sites of various press officers.

Contact relationship agencies

contact freelance press relations agencies: by email or phone. They will know how to inform you about their profession with great precision.

Talk to journalists

Journalists are used to working with press officers. It is difficult to contact journalists for this type of request. However, if journalists are present in your contacts or your entourage, this can be a good solution to have a more in-depth knowledge of the press attaché profession.

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Write a brief for a PR agency

So a brief is a document that sets out in detail all of your expectations and the needs of your business. It is organized in such a way that the press secretary should know from the outset how to organize his press relations strategy.

as a result you can mention your questions there if you wish to have some additional clarification.

Thus, thanks to press feedback, you will be able to make a first selection according to your different expectations. It also saves a lot of time when you start your first contacts with the press officers.

Brief structure :

  • Company presentation: you must specify the various elements relating to your company, its history and its news.
  • Definition of objectives and expectations: you must clearly detail your expectations and the needs of your company in terms of press relations.
  • Detail of media targets: in which media would you like to appear? Who can target audiences for your news?
  • History of your media appearances: give a reminder of the press relations actions carried out previously for your company as well as their results.
  • Planned budget: indicating the budget that you can allocate for the employment of a press officer is a good solution to narrow your selection. However, you have to find out beforehand about the average cost of this type of service so as not to be outside the realities of the market.
PR agency

Request recommendations regarding public relations agency

So after you have selected a first sample of press officers you can seek advice from other companies or contacts who have used press officers. It is possible to collect recommendations through social networks. This is an effective way to increase the number of returns to your request.

Word of mouth remains a simple and effective alternative for this type of request.

Find out about the press officers you are targeting

So to be sure that your provider will best meet your expectations, you must collect as much information as possible about him. You can find out about its activity, its background, its experiences through its various social networks and its website. So you can get a first idea of ​​the success – or not – of your future collaboration.

Arrange a meeting with a PR agency

Meeting with a press officer even if you haven’t signed anything yet is a good solution to find out if a collaboration is possible. When you use his services, the press secretary will have almost a role of teammate.

In fact, you will be in contact very often over a relatively long period. Beyond his skills, the human qualities of the press officer are an essential element for effective and lasting collaboration.

So if you are dealing with a press relations agency, it is worthwhile to arrange a meeting with the person (s) in charge of your file.

press agency
Public relations agency

Find out about the results and previous actions of the press officer

Because hiring a press officer is a costly investment. To be aware of the effectiveness of his work you can ask to know the results of his previous actions.

The press officers do not have the opportunity to decide on your appearance in the media at the end of the press relations process. However, the results obtained are a good indicator of the level of efficiency of the press secretary’s work.

Request a detailed overall plan

That is why In the same way that you sent them a brief, you can ask the press officers for a document of the same type. He should detail the actions of the attaché’s strategy, his rates, the feedback from his various clients, etc.

You must find there, at the end of the above-mentioned steps, all the information you need for the choice of your press officer.

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The choice of your press officer

Finally comes the time to make a choice, an act that is not trivial in view of the generally high rates for press officers. The various steps mentioned above should make it possible to find the desired profile. The press secretary you want to hire must be the best one for achieving each of your goals.

So once the press officer has been chosen, you can try to negotiate his rates if you wish. It’s up to you to evaluate at the end of your various exchanges the most interesting amount for each of your two parties. To be effective, the use of a press officer must be done over a period of 4 months to 6 months minimum.

PR agency or public relations (or press relations agency) with 24presse

Firstly, 24presse works as a real press attaché (or public relations or press relations agency) without the usual costs observed in this sector. We are present in Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, etc.

Why is the price of a PR agency so high?

Then the benefit is usually 5 to 10,000 €. It is easy to understand that, mechanically, at this price level customers are rather rare. As a result, calls for competition are systematic and there are many commercial trips before signing with a client, and often we do not sign …

It is therefore an inflationary system: the higher the price, the fewer contracts we sign, the fewer contracts we sign, the more we are forced to sell at a high price to pay the fixed costs of a structure …

communiqué de presse diffusion base email journalistes agence relation presse
Press release distribution

Why are 24presse’s rates so attractive?

At 24presse we do not meet our customers, we handle everything by phone or email, nor do we have travel costs. We only do the productive and useful tasks of the press secretary job. We have some of our clients who are press officers. You can consult our prices here.

What are the stages in the work of a press officer?

Understand the job

The first step is to understand the client’s business as well as his market. It is difficult to communicate about a product / service without understanding the ins and outs. The press officer must also have a good societal culture and a good general culture because it is sometimes necessary to hang up customer news on major societal themes in order to surf them to make the customer known.

Write a press release

You must then write a press release respecting the rules inherent in this exercise. Because a press release is not an advertisement. The 24presse team is made up, among others, of editors from the world of press and communication. We therefore attach great importance to the quality of the writing of our press releases. Media targeting is also very important and requires a choice of relevant journalistic sections.

agence de relations presse

It is at this stage that the qualities of the press attaché (or public relation) are paramount. Poor targeting or too narrow targeting reduces the chances of success. The press secretary then distributes the press release.

Telephone reminder

The press officer or the press relations agency can then proceed with a telephone follow-up to the core target in order to strengthen its impact. Press officer in Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, lyon,…. we can intervene in any region.
Many other tasks can be added however we have described here only the important steps.

What are the qualities of a press officer (or public relations)?

General culture, curiosity, writing skills, synthesis skills, good knowledge of markets and economic sectors, etc. is a press attaché agency (or public relation or press relation agency)

We have had around 1,500 clients since 2009 in France. But also in many other countries: Belgium, U.S.A., Canada, Spain, China, Great Britain, …
Press officer Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, lyon,…. Or public relation without the usual costs observed in this sector.

Also, Google Actualités, the leading online news media in France, broadcasts To consult.

Press officer (online public relations or press relations agency) allows you to send your news by email to the media of your choice in 46 countries. We also provide the necessary translations.

The job description for a freelance public relations professional

Press officer Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, lyon,…. Similar to the public relation profession, but without the usual prices observed in this profession.

Press officer definition

So press officers are responsible for promoting an organization and fighting against any negative publicity. These negative publicity could damage a company’s image. In a world where information is exchanged more widely and more quickly, the role of the public relations professional has also changed. She can be employed by a company or work as a freelance writer. Either way, PR professionals need to be savvy, creative, and “human” people.


Basically, the duty of the press secretary is to be the spokesperson for an organization. When on duty, press officers can help a client write press releases or official statements. Because the goal is to announce changes in the company, new products or events in which the company is involved. Because the person in charge of public relations can also be the one who answers questions from the media during press conferences. She can guide the CEO on what to say.

Press officers also help companies develop a strategy or an overall image. Also known as branding.

Improve your image

If a company wants to improve its environmental image, for example, its managers can hire a press officer. The aim is for example to design logos, slogans or posters showing employees engaging in environmentally friendly activities.

So press officers need to do research to find the best ways to tackle the issues. Then share the information with customers and the public.

So once the brand image is approved and in place, the public relations professional can work with certain employees, helping them integrate the strategy into their own work.

Since branding takes a lot of upfront work, a business may choose to hire a freelance professional. Instead of someone she will have to keep paying after most of the prep work is done.
Press officer Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Lyon,…. We approach PR with a very relevant pricing system.

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