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LEAF FOR LIFE, the parasol reinvented

Published on 05/06/2019, 3:52 PM

The parasol, recreated for health and well-being : no longer flying away, offering reinforced UV protection, easy to use, easy to carry and produces solar power. Now it becomes practical for the boat, the balcony, the chaise longue or the garden table … thanks to its unique fixing accessory : the CRAB.



The french start-up LEAF FOR LIFE is revolutionising the world of parasols. THE LEAF and the SUNLEAF , are transportable sunshades that will join you everywhere, thanks to the latest invention by LEAF FOR LIFE, the CRAB clasp, which now means these shades can be used anywhere anytime.

The CRAB is the universal clasp which allows one to fix the LEAF parasol securely, where ever you wish ( Boat rail, balcony rail, garden table, garden lounge chair,…)


The only parasol that won't fly away

The biometric design is at the root of the LEAF parasol. Designed in the shape of a large leaf with a single extended leg, the LEAF FOR LIFE sun shade functions like a curtain and is unaffected by wind.



A 100% transportable parasol

By boat, bike, motorbike, backpack or even cabin bag, bring your LEAF with you everywhere! Thanks to its compact design and ergonomic custom bag its never been so easy to travel with ones own protective parasol to avoid harmful sun rays.



OFFERING reinforced UV-Protection for all the family

LEAF FOR LIFE really focused on creating a product that was both for pleasure and for health. Every LEAF FOR LIFE shade offers 50+ UPF and UV protection that blocks up to 99% of the Sun’s  rays (based on independent lab testing).

On the go solar power

LEAF FOR LIFE also offers a version of their sun shade with built in solar panelling which is light, strong and effective. This allows one to recharge mobile phones (for a minimum of 2hrs) , power a fan or mini air-conditioner, a small fridge or any other electric device. It can be independently secured to the shade itself or the transportation bag.

The latest innovation : 2019

Always in pursuit of the latest innovative solutions LEAF FOR LIFE has developed practical accessories which broaden the possibilities of what one can do with the sun shade.

 - The CRAB: An innovative fixing clasp that allows one to secure the shade anywhere (boat rail, balcony fence, garden table, lounge chair…)

- TRIDENT, an accessory that allows one to secure the shade where ever the surface may not be firm enough for the anchoring leg of the shade, such as in the garden, or by a lake.

parasol table

Crab Trident



parasol bateau

Crab in boat


In 2019 LEAF FOR LIFE continues to pursue the development of its products both in France and abroad. In 2018 the start-up also signed a distribution deal for North America and Canada with a leading Canadian outdoor sports supplier.

Beyond online website visibility, LEAF FOR LIFE has begun distribution of their sun shades through a network of outlets (concept stores, specialist outdoor suppliers, pharmaceutical stores…) in different regions of the world.: Europe, Japan, UK, Australia, Caribbean, Brazil etc…

LEAF FOR LIFE was founded in 2015 in the south of France by two french entrepreneurs. At its heart is a unique, patented invention that represents a huge innovation in the world of transportable shading and cover: A parasol that will never fly away and that generates energy at the same time: The LEAF.

Products by the company can be purchased through their website (https://leaforlife.com/en/) and have already garnered a fanbase in Europe, the USA and the Middle East. In fact, Leaf for life is currently developing rapidly and is looking for partners in France and abroad to strengthen and expand the distribution of its products.

LEAF FOR LIFE is always looking for new partners in France and abroad to further distribute their revolutionary sun shades.



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