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Workflex, a multi-activity expandable work trousers for private individuals

Publié le 25/05/2018 à 13:02

Solidur, the manufacturer of professional protective equipment for outdoor workers launches Workflex, a multi-activity expandable work trousers for private individuals.

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Roofers or landscapers, but also hikers or gardeners, Solidur thought about everything: directly inspired from the experience in the world of professional protective equipment, the late stretch pants Workflex meet all expectations for outdoor activities. 

The expertise in technical materials acquired by Solidur allows us to market pants that are simultaneously efficient and accessible to all.

Peach-skin velvet finish

For a price of 38.90 euros VAT, individuals or craftsmen will benefit from light trousers in gray polycotton fabric which provides excellent resistance to abrasion and moisture while being soft to the touch, thanks to peach-skin velvet finish. Thanks to its hyper-extensibility parts (more than 40%) in the buttocks, crotch and knees, Worklfex wears like a second skin. Never blocked in their movements, users are comfortable anywhere and in any position.

Enveloping back-bib

Zipper pockets to keep all valuable items (wallet, keys) away from dust and theft. The enveloping back-bib protects the users’ lower backs and avoid them looking ungraceful while crouching. The Workflex is accessible from sizes XS to XL. 
Pantalon multi-activités Workflex Solidur Pantalon multi-activités Workflex Solidur

To access the technical sheet of the whole Workflex range, please click here

About Solidur

Since 1946, Solidur designs and manufactures PPE for outdoor workers. As a family business, it has stayed close to users to provide them a combination of comfort, permanency and protection. Its vocation: do everything to free the minds of professionals from any security constraint, so that they can fully exercise their profession safely.

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