Press kits examples

Press kits examples

How to write and write a good press kit? This page presents examples of press kits.

Click on the press kits below according to your theme to see our sample press kit.

On this page we present examples of press kits. They will allow you to make your press kit more professional and therefore increase its credibility.

A press kit reflects your professionalism and the image of your company, so you have to look after its presentation and content. It’s a bit like a resume, it can hurt you or reinforce your image. We must therefore look after its design and presentation. Example folders of: you can take inspiration from our examples press kits.

What is a press kit?

A press kit is a document that complements the press release.

A press release announces a specific news. The press kit presents all the general information of the company.

If the reporter is interested in the press release he may want to have more details. It is the role of the press kit to give more information.

example press kit
Ford media kit example

How to write a press kit

The content

The drafting has the same requirements as any information document:

  • Clarity
  • Citation
  • Illustrations
  • Key figures


Desire to read !
Journalists receive a lot of press kits … So take care of the presentation of your document.
Insert pictures, numbers, with a modern layout. It’s the image of your company !

We carry out your press reviews quickly

Doing a press review is tedious and time consuming. You have probably already experienced it

We must start by collecting the articles, which already takes a considerable time. The longest and tedious is especially to layout the articles (clip). Because all the clips that you will collect are not in the same format. Which means that you will spend a lot of time trying to crop all these elements to try to lay them out properly in an imposed format such as A4 format in landscape or portrait.

You will quickly find that it is a tedious task, long and painful. The result is often disappointing and unprofessional and therefore not very rewarding. Because it is your image that you convey when you send this press review to a third party such as a superior or a customer.

It is for these reasons that 24presse offers to carry out these press reviews. We will quickly produce a professional, comprehensive and clear document. Where you spend hours to finally produce a document that is not homogeneous and rather amateurish.

It only takes us a few hours to deliver a press review in PDF or html format that can be viewed online. Examples of press kits are available on our website.

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Press kits examples