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Nice Côte d'Azur Airport ChatBot, uses the technology of a Startup of Sophia Antipolis

Published on 28/07/2017 à 13:27

Nice Côte d'Azur Airport has made a closer link with its passengers by offering them a new interaction tool via Facebook Messenger. As a further step towards improving the quality of services offered to travellers, this new feature will be available on the airport Facebook page in July.

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Do you speak ChatBot?

Artificial intelligence, currently personified by ChatBots, is in the process of knocking on the doors of businesses with tempting promises of personalisation, automation and multichannel communication. "Chat" as in online discussion and "bot" as in robot. The ChatBot, also known as a "conversational agent", is a software package which is programmed to simulate a conversation using natural language.

The Nice Côte d'Azur Airport ChatBot: frequently asked questions regarding parking reservations

The airport questioned whether enquiries could be resolved in a faster and more automated way. Based on the frequently asked questions asked by travellers in the Customer Relations Area, the program develops appropriate responses for each of them. Amongst these questions, the most common topics are those of information regarding flights, accessing the airport or services available within the airport. Precious time is therefore saved for both passengers and the teams in charge of responding to passenger questions by telephone or email.

In addition to providing immediate responses to these frequently asked questions, the ChatBot enables customers to reserve a parking space at the airport by redirecting them to the best Click & Park offers.

Addressing the first level of commitment thanks to the ChatBot

The airport has turned to ChatBot "learning", which feeds the software with responses and ideas to be able to respond to new enquiries. It evolves throughout the different conversations in which it engages with Internet users via Messenger. This is an improvement on the basic usage of a ChatBot offered by the company Travelaer, the airport’s technological partner for this solution.

It has also been a strategic choice as Travelaer has solid experience in ChatBot development intended for actors in the air transport sector, such as the airline Icelandair. Based in Sophia Antipolis, its regional proximity has been a decisive element for establishing this partnership and facilitates exchanges during the development process.

The ChatBot is useful for responding to enquiries from some of the users who require first level information without wanting to contact a physical person. However, as the conversation continues, they do offer the option to contact a preferred representative if necessary.

A tool which complements the airport’s digital transition

More than 80% of European passengers travel with a smartphone, which serves as their principal means to find out about various topics related to their trip. It therefore seems essential to provide solutions which are optimised for mobiles to suit travellers.

The ChatBot meets the need to exploit the digitalisation of exchanges and mobility in order to communicate at the right time, via the right media and with a personalised message. With more than 59,000 fans on the Facebook page, it was in the airport’s best interest to develop its ChatBot on the Messenger platform, providing direct access to the conversation.  

This ChatBot strengthens the range of digital tools available to the airport and this support, which is currently undergoing its pilot phase, will make it possible to measure the new usage in terms of consumer experience.

This reflects the willingness to engage in a digital approach in an innovative way, in order to become an airport of reference with regards to the way that interactive and personalised relationships with its passengers and customers are handled.

Visit the airport’s Facebook page at the beginning of July to test out the ChatBot via Messenger.


About Travelaer: Founded in 2013 in Sophia Antipolis, the company Travelaer is specialised in the development of digital products and services for the travel industry, in order to provide a better consumer experience. It develops online reservation services as well as automated messaging platforms for its customers. 

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