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Communiqué de presse Mercredi 28 Mai 2014

'Luxury As you have never seen it before' by the french author Pierre-François Jorsin

Those privileged enough to have crossed the threshold of a luxury boutique, hotel or car dealership will generally have had an unforgettable experience, in which their dreams, the promise made by the brand, and reality merge into one.



image pierre françois jorsin

Total availability, passion for the brand or for service, special attention (drinks service, valet parking, VIP lounge), courtesy, recognition, and prestige. These are the codes of luxury that no brand with a claim to excellence can afford to ignore.

Unfortunately, sometimes customers get quite the opposite : an undignified reception, unsuitable propositions, violated codes. In this case, the “betrayed” customer  may react in various ways - desertion, boycott and a desire to smear the brand's name - all of which can have devastating effects.


To guard against this, the major luxury brands make regular use of "mystery shoppers", whose mission is to observe and report on customer service. They are the key informants on the realities of the luxury sales industry.

What you are about to discover in the following pages are a few of these mystery shopper accounts. Those, at least, which the corporate clients had not protected by a confidentiality clause...

Table of contents : 1.Bang et Olufsen 2.Porsche 3.Exotica 4.Ferrari 5.Rolex 6.Lancel 7.Mauboussin 8.Louis Vuitton 9.Rolex 10.BMW 11.L'Éclaireur 12.Mini Store 13.Tiffany & Co 14.Qela (Qatar Luxury Group)


The author : Pierre-François Jorsin

HEC (CESA-Executive Coaching) - has worked for over 14 years with the most prestigious brands in luxury universe (Cartier, Ferrari, Porsche, ..) for training and mystery shopping.

Twitter @pfjorsin. / mail :
contact@pfj-formation.com / website www.culture-luxe.com



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Contact presse : Laurence Bucher
Société : 'Luxury As you have never seen it before'
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