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Events : ExpoPolis, the virtual alternative to the cancellation of trade shows

Published on 27/04/2020 à 10:07

ExpoPolis is a modular white label system that responds to all the needs of virtual fair organisation. Originally conceived to complement physical trade shows, it allows, in the context of confinement, to continue to bring together exhibitors and visitors through a digital medium


For trade shows, congresses, educational events or any other professional meetings

150 project requests have been made since the start of the health crisis. A major player in the digital transformation of the events sector, ExpoPolis allows organisers to adapt as well as possible to the consequences of confinement.

With its primary function intended to develop the popularity and the visibility of the events, it  has proven itself to be, in the current context, an ideal alternative to counter the cancellation of all the physical trade shows since the beginning of the health crisis.

Since March 05, the company, located in Nice (France), has taken care of 150 project requests.

Example of "Open Days of the University of Geneva"

ExpoPolis notably piloted the organization of the digital version of the open days of the University of Geneva. Set up in just two weeks, the operation, launched on March 31, comprising various information modules for future students as well as the organization of a series of live conferences, brought together 1,110 participants.



Modular & Made To Measure

Fully developed in-house, the software consists of a library of generic modules and a library of complementary modules. As the information is centralized, all the modules are coordinated, making it possible to adapt as closely as possible to the expectations and specificities of the public and the targeted activity sector.

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100% Personalised

A fully tailor-made development service can also be offered for the deployment of a trade show or a 100% personalized portal, from the home page to the stand lay out and design, through the various functionalities.

2D, 3D VR

Furthermore, the choice of approach in 2D perspective rather than 3D VR, offers the possibility of generating stands for a practically unlimited number of exhibitors and therefore meeting the requirements of any type of event.


10 years of feedback

Benefiting from 10 years of experience, ExpoPolis, which has been operating under a white label since 2019, is working to develop its solution based on feedback from the various players in the sector: customers, exhibitors and visitors. The modules and functionalities are therefore constantly adapted.

All event's functionalities digitised

The ExpoPolis solution has digitised all the traditional functions of events. The exhibitor, the organizer and the visitor find all the advantages of events, except one: handshaking.

Below are examples of tools and interaction available:

  •      Stands with very sophisticated content and means of contact
  •      All tools related to employment
  •      Conference management and organization
  •      Appointment booking tools
  •      Business Scheduling
  •      Statistics
  •      Custom design
  •      Custom tools
  •      etc

Service Design, customisation and UX

The visual and ergonomic experience is an essential point of a digital event. This is why ExpoPolis offers design services that:

  •      Respect the client's graphic charter
  •      Design and create a graphic universe consistent with the image of the company
  •      Make the graphical interface attractive and comfortable

Price: from 7,500 euros (30 stands included) for 12 months

About ExpoPolis

Founded in Belgium in 2009 by Pascale Van Kerckhove and Thibault Van der Auwermeulen, ExpoPolis has since March 1 integrated into the "Village by CA"  of Sophia Antipolis (Nice), an ecosystem devoted to innovative business development, managed by Crédit Agricole PCA in partnership with CCI Nice Côte d'Azur.

ExpoPolis develops digital solutions for the events sector and, more generally, tools aimed at promoting the visibility and profile of its customers.




Communiqué publié par Van der Auwermeulen Thibault
Published on 27/04/2020 à 10:07 sur 24presse.com
Van der Auwermeulen Thibault


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