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Insurtech Capital, a fund managed by Mandalore Partners, makes its first social impact investment in isahit to develop Impact Scoring-as-a-Service

Published on 19/01/2021 à 10:14

- On 19 January 2021, Insurtech Capital, a fund managed by Mandalore Partners, announced its first impact investment in isahit

- Isahit is a socially responsible outsourcing platform based in France

- This investment marks the start of a long-term strategic partnership to co-develop impact-driven projects, such as Impact Scoring-as-a-Service

The Business Process Outsourcing industry (BPO) is currently undergoing a positive transformation that could soon be adopted by other industries. BPO companies are implementing impact sourcing, an innovative hiring model that combines socially responsible hiring practices with an opportunity to engage untapped labour markets.

Impact sourcing, an increasingly prevalent practice, combined with key technology trends – Big Data and AI – can help to further scale investment practices with positive societal and environmental impact.

That is why Insurtech Capital, an investment vehicle managed by Mandalore Partners, announced today an investment in isahit, a French company specializing in artificial intelligence augmented by human intelligence and data processing tasks.

Launched in 2017, isahit is an impact sourcing platform for digital projects. Isahit provides services around data management, pre-machine learning data set and moderation on social networks. This service is performed by young women and comes as an additional income for those women so they can achieve their life goals.

Isahit’s ambition is to give work opportunities to talented people through acess to complementary revenue that can help these young women finance their studies, start an entrepreneurial project, acquire financial independence or simply improve their living conditions.

Isahit has more than 1.050 workers on its crowdsourcing platform, mainly women across 32 countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. Isahit's ambition is to establish a presence in 35 countries and to give work to 10.000 workers which will generate a social impact for 40.000 people within the next 4 to 5 years. 

"Investment in isahit is more than an investment, it is the beginning of a strategic partnership, which will allow us to scale impact-driven projects in very important ways, as well as help us develop our impact scoring model and impact funds”, says Managing Partner of Insurtech Capital, Minh Q. Tran.

“We are happy to partner with Mandalore Partners to foster impact and its scoring. We believe that this impact scoring is a key milestone for Tech for Good companies to show value and we are pleased to show the way with our model”, adds Isabelle Masholla, founder of isahit. 

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About Insurtech Capital

Insurtech Capital is an investment vehicle managed by Mandalore Partners. 

Our mission is to de-risk innovations for insurance companies with strategic investments and source the most promising technology startups to match insurance companies’ new venture programs.    


Mandalore Partners specialises in Innovation-as-a-service. As an asset builder for corporations and mid-sized companies, we de-risk innovation with strategic and impact investments by sourcing, investing, and partnering in innovative technology companies fitting our partners’ venture programs.

Mandalore helps customers source startups that are utilising innovative technologies to access new alternative asset classes. We enable investors to invest in direct equity investments, as well as to co-create alternative funds. Mandalore thereby provides access to new pools of assets being created to support emerging businesses. Examples include covered bonds, insurance-linked securities, and private debt, among others. 

Besides investing, Mandalore also co-develops build-up strategies with portfolio companies to accelerate their scalability and to create business synergies for tech integrations and consolidations.



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Insurtech Capital
Insurtech Capital


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