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A new SIL 2 certification awarded to CLEARSY, for a display

Published on 06/09/2021, 5:43 PM

CLEARSY, a French company based in Aix-en-Provence and specialized in the design of safety critical systems, announces a new success with its latest certification: the SIL2 certification of a display screen: the K-Vision console.


Active for more than 20 years, CLEARSY has extensive experience in the realization of safety critical systems from SIL1 to SIL4 according to the CENELEC standards EN50126, EN50128, and EN50129. The company collaborates on regular basis with other industrial actors, both companies and research and development institutes.

Regarding the K-VISION console, CLEARSY has developed the safety software and the application. The system architecture was jointly designed with CENTRALP, CLEARSY's partner, which is responsible for the hardware.

The guarantees obtained by this certificate are as follows: 

- the display of icons and text messages are correct
- the display of complex graphical objects (speedometer and brake level indicators for example) is also correct
- the operator's interactions (human-machine interactions - HMI) with the touchscreen console are secure

These measures reduce the risk that the operator will not see or misinterpret the messages on the screen, and that the commands will not be considered.

In addition, the integrator can add a non-secure application part, or integrate a dedicated secure application, which will be based on the already certified basic principles of the console.

Certified by CERTIFER, the SIL2 level is a safety level required by the ERTMS/ETCS standards for DMI (Display Machine Interface) embedded in trains.

The systems developed by CLEARSY are regularly recognized and acclaimed by the railway sector: the major Spanish manufacturer TALGO recently placed its trust in the K-Vision SIL2 product resulting from the CLEARSY/CENTRALP partnership; it will equip the trains of the Deutsche-Bahn, a German operator known for the reliability of its systems.

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