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Joshua Martin from Martin Shapes will be in France at UWL factory from 15th of March to shape an exceptional range custom surfboards

Publié le 14/03/2018 à 15:57

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2018 has already begun for all the surf world. While all the braves are shooting the big winter swells, we prepared just for you the new International shapers schedule who gonna come in our factory at LA ROCHELLE (France). All year long, from March to December, the most prestigious shapers will be at UWL factory to give you the opportunity to get an exceptional shape, the first shaper to come is Joshua Martin from Martin Shapes, the famous son of the famou Terry Martin.

More than a simply surfboards

Surfboards shaped by Joshua Martin are definitely more than simply surfboards, it’s first a unique product that Joshua likes to customize with tint resin or wood tail bloc. That’s also products from the traditional handmade whose the knowledge is kept in Martin’s family since many years. Joshua grew with the Hobie brand shapes (father’s shapes) which he can also reproduce.

Every boards and tail bloc from Joshua Martin are handmade, design, glassing and sanding are realized by UWL team. Every Martin Shapes models are on the website

Joshua Martin’s portrait:

Joshua Martin is an american from California. He’s Terry Martin’s son, one of the most productive hand shaper in his period. From his earliest childhood in the father’s shaper room, Josh started to shape fins, then shaped his first surfboards in an Laguna Canyon workshop in California.

From this, Josh has upholded the legendary status his dad established through the Martin Shapes brand by building fine traditionally hand crafted surfboards in both wood and foam.
Guest shapers schedule 2018
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Pictures of Joshua Martin, click here

Pictures of UWL Shapers Club, click here

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